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    Frances A

    Hello, I need some advice. I have a labrador. Bobby is a part of our family for several days. We just fall in love with this beautiful puppy, of course, we want to see it healthy and happy. But my father began to vape and this device produces a lot of smoke. I noticed that Bob avoids these places where can be some fume from the vape. But I don’t know if it can make some effect on Bob’s health. I read a lot of articles and found some relevant resources, some sites give interesting guides(like VapingDaily). But for me important to know the mind of a pet owner and lover. So maybe anybody here has the same experience and can give a piece of advice. I will be thankful.

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    Of course second hand cigarette smoke is harmful to pets and people. Just ask your veterinarian.

    Can you ask your father to step outside when he smokes/vapes (all the same thing)?

    I think it would be a reasonable request given all we know nowadays about the potential harm that is possible.

    Of course if it is your father’s home and he is paying the bills then he can do whatever he wants. In that case I would consider moving if it was a possibility.

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    An air purifier might help…

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    Mary O

    Yes!! Air purifier might help…

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    Shavon P

    An air purifier will definitely be a solution to your problem but it is better to avoid smoking where you keep your pets.

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