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    Brian O

    Anyone have experience or opinions on using a Doggie Dooley septic style system for waste?

    I have read several reviews and almost all of them say good things IF you follow the directions and don’t do it your own way or just “good enough”.

    Thinking about one!

    Any thoughts!

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    Jenn H

    I would be interested to know how well it works. Been considering that as well. But I may try to make one. Pinterest has a lot of DIYs.

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    I researched them years ago. I wanted one until I learned it got too cold where I am in the winter… or so I seem to recall that was case.

    Then, I found this other cool thing that you attach to your clean out. It’s like a big funnel with a lid. You “make a deposit,” then flush with a bucket of water. Turned out my clean out is located in a very conspicuous spot. It’s called the Doggie Doo Drain.

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    Jenn H

    Thanks Dogfoodie!
    I’m in New England. Our winters can get ridiculously freezing. Do you know if it matters whether you are on town sewer or not? That’s all I know about my sewage system. I’ll have to locate the clean out thing too. (Assuming I have 1.)

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    In Re: the Doggie Dooley, look under “Not Draining”:

    “5. The Digester will not work well in temperatures below 40 degrees. The Doggie Dooley will be dormant during the Winter months and then can be used once the weather has warmed up again.”

    You should have a clean out somewhere near your house if you are on a municipal sewer system.

    Several years ago, I had a conversation with a poster who stopped by here who used the Doggie Doo Drain and she said she loved hers. If my clean out was in a better spot, I’d have gotten one. The Doggie Dooley has to be buried and you have to use a waste digester. The Doo Drain seems so much simpler and is the equivalent of flushing.

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    We have the Doggie Doo Drain on our septic system and it works great. Just the normal use of water in the house clears away the “deposit” and not necessary to pour a bucket of water. It will work with sewer or septic. You just unscrew the cleanout plug and screw in the Doggie Doo Drain.

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    Our garbage guys would probably be ecstatic if we got something like that! Thanks for the info!

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