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    Kelly H

    Hi everyone. I’m new to this forum and hoping you can help me. I’m at my wits end I could honestly cry!

    My dog was diagnosed in January with a liver tumour. She’s nearly 14 (lab X collie) you wouldn’t know she had the tumour she’s still her normal energetic self!

    She was put on Royal canin hepatic wet and dry food long story short after many attempts and different variations she wouldn’t eat this. The vet then said she’s old and may only have 6 months left (she’s outlived this expectation so that’s brilliant! And she’s no different to when she was diagnosed) they don’t know if the tumour is actually cancerous because we agreed a biopsy would be too much stress and could lead to blood loss that could kill her.

    So anyway the vet said just feed her what she’s happy to eat as her quality of life is paramount.

    She’s had burns, wainwright (pets at home), bakers (I know it’s awful but it’s what she had before so thought she’d go back to it), Royal canin, Arden grange. The list is endless. I then decided because she was picking wet food off the dry food and spitting this on the floor that she obviously didn’t want dry food. I’ve now got her on nature diet. She has 2.5 trays a day but probably eats half a tray a day. I’ve recently added chicken to it to entice her to eat but now she’s picking the chicken out and leaving the rest.

    I don’t know what to do now. I keep getting told it’s tough love time because she’s purely just waiting for me to change her food yet again. She’s losing weight which is my concern though. Do I stick with it? take the chicken out? Change her food? I just don’t know 🙁

    Sorry for such a long post!
    Pleaseeee help haha
    Thank you

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    Hi Kelly, sorry about your girl, maybe the tumor is be benign, fingers X… have you thought of contacting an Animal Nutritionist & have a balanced healthy diet made up for your girl, I have found it works out cheaper when you cook & freeze their meals….

    Here’s a few Face Book groups run by Nutritionist Cat Lane, her group is called “Canine Nutrition & Natural Health”…..Monica Segal group is called “K-9 Kitchen…..I found Monica to be helpful, they both do balanced meals or you may find a Nutritionist closer to home & cheaper… https://www.facebook.com/groups/K9Kitchen/

    Crockpots are a easy way to cook their meals.

    Easy Crockpot Dog Food

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    Kelly H

    Hi Susan

    Thank you for your reply. Back in February I tried to make her food using veg, rice/pasta, chicken/beef mince etc and I found that one batch which was quite large only last her 2 days and I was working out very expensive. She did however eat it all. In fact I was looking at those bowls to slow eating down because literally in 30 seconds the bowl was empty.

    I have requested to join k9 kitchen. I have a slow cooker and never even thought I could make food for her in that I had all 4 pans going on the hob when I made her food haha. So thank you for that tip! I’m more than happy to go back to making her food as long as I can get something to last more than 2 meals.

    Not sure if you have them but I used the plastic Chinese takeaway tubs to measure her food and she needed a whole one of those at every meal. I will have a look on k9 kitchen once I’ve been accepted.

    Thank you 🙂

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    My boy gulps his food also, so I add 1 spoon of food at a time to his bowl & it slows him down….I also soak his kibble in warm water then when the kibble is soft, I fully drain all the water & cuff 1/2 cup sections of the soft kibble in the bowl with my hand & squeeze all the water out, then I put the kibble in a blender, you have to make sure the water is thoroughly drain or some kibbles goes like a gluggy ball, I like the kibble to be lite & fluffy after I put all the soft kibble in the blender I add some boiled chicken, sweet potatoes & some broccoli & blend for about 3-5 seconds… that fills him up more, that way I just take 1 meal out of the freezer the night before & thaw in the fridge for the next day, then I just add half of a cooked meal & about 1 cup of the soft kibble for breakfast & the other half of the cooked meal with more kibble that I soak about 40-60mins before his dinner is due…. “Earthborn Holistic” Ocean Fusion kibble softens within 40mins in warm water & the protein is only 22% its a lower protein kibble if you need one for her liver… http://www.earthbornholisticpetfood.com/us/dog_formulas/ocean_fusion/

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    Kathy D

    Just a comment on cooking food for your dog. I have a smaller dog that I have to cook for or he won’t survive. I cook a month’s worth of food in two 8 qt and 1 7 qt crock pots. I cook the food, cool it overnight, measure it the next day and then freeze it. Of course my dog is a Cairn Terrier, 17 lbs which is smaller than your dog. I’ve been cooking his meals for over 7 years. He has IBS and is VERY sensitive to food. I found a good diet (thanks to my vet) and my guy is happy and healthy. My little guy has a hearty appetite and tends to eat fast but isn’t that kind of a natural instinct? Didn’t their ancestors have to eat fast to get their share or in case a bigger animal challenged their kill? I look at it this way……I’m ecstatic every time I put the bowl down and he is eager to eat…I remember the days when he wouldn’t eat and had diarrhea, bloating, bloody mucus, vomiting, rumbling stomach….and I’m happy to see him scarf his food down. Then I know he’s ok.

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    Kelly H

    Wow you go through a lot of effort. Shows just how caring you are towards your dogs!

    I’ve found this company local to me as I’m from the uk. What do you think to it? The food sounds good in all fairness and I’m thinking I might try this kibble and do a bit of tough love by taking her food up after 30 minutes if she’s not touched it.


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    Hi Kelly,

    I don’t have any particular recipes for you, but I have cooked for my older dogs in declining health. The crock pots are great for making a week’s worth of meals or additions to food. I don’t know who’s telling you it’s time for tough love, but IHMO an older dog with health issues deserves to enjoy their golden years and whatever time they have left.

    Kibble obviously doesn’t taste as good which is probably why she’s spitting it out and is harder to digest than fresh food. When my dog’s health was declining, he didn’t want to eat many things due to not feeling well. Rather than just take a tough love attitude, I chose to do whatever I could to make him as comfortable and happy as I could. He lasted much longer than expected and I believe the fresh cooked meals I made specifically for his condition contributed to the extended time he had. Good luck with your girl!

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    That’s such a tough spot to be in. It seems like a lot of dogs with serious diseases get to the point where they LOVE a particular food one day and hate it the next.

    One tip I can offer: even if the dog readily eats a food, don’t offer it again for a few days. For some reason, they quickly develop aversions and by not offering the “loved” food for at least a couple days gives their brain a chance to get excited about the food again.

    Two other tricks to try: sprinkle Purina Fortiflora on the food. It’s kinda junky, but it’s chock full of flavor enhancers that many animals adore. When you’re desperate, it’s a trick worth trying. Parmesan cheese may have the same effect when sprinkled on food.


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