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    Maria P

    We just adopted an 8 month old shepherd/lab mix that tested positive for distemper. She’s on antibiotics and we do understand that depending on how it progresses, she may not make it. But we are hopeful due to her age, the fact that she did have some immunity since she had one vaccine already, the fact that she’s had it for 4 weeks with no neurological issues, etc. okay- now on to the food part. She’s also extremely picky. She will only pick here and there. I’ve bought everything under the sun (raw, dehydrated, kibble, canned) and she probably eats 1 tablespoon of anything at a time. So I’ve resorted to giving her small things here are there- 2 apple slices, a little cooked egg, some string cheese, a little chicken, a handful of good quality kibble (Stella & chewy’s), lamb lung treats (her favorite). Do you think this is okay while she’s ill? She’s very underweight due to her illness and the fact that she won’t eat. Any suggestions? I feel like I’ve tried it all. (Broth, goat milk, cottage cheese, yogurt, etc)

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