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    are there any reviews on treats on this site? i am looking for treats for my 6 month old shih tzu/papillin mix mostly for training and i want something good and healthy anyone can recommend anything that taste great and is good for training? thanks

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    I don’t think there are treat reviews here, but my favorite for training are Zuke’s minis – soft treats about the size of kibble. You have to really watch the ingredients though, as Purina just bought them out, so the formula might change for the worst.
    Also, if you like a certain brand of food, I’m sure the brand’s treats would be good too.

    Personally, I enjoy just making my own treats the most. There are tons of great ideas online from baking to freezing. Plus, making your own treats would make sure you know /exactly/ what does and doesn’t go into them. When I bake my treats, I usually do them at 300* for about an hour, so they get the nice crunchy texture…you could, of course, cook them shorter for a chewier treat. If you want any recipe ideas, just let me know.

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    I make my own and for training treats I use Vital Essential freeze-dried food. My dog LOVES it! I’ve also been using, for regular treats, dehydrated beef or lamb lung.

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    I’ve been using Wysong Epigen 90 for treats. The size of the kibble is tiny and my dog loves it.

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    I have had, in my opinion, extremely bad results from giving my LATE poodle Nutro treat sticks. She had blood in her stools, bad appetite. High liver enzymes. Loved the treats. Took her off of treats, she was most disappointed but her appetite came back. For a while. About 10 mo later she died of liver hemorrhage in vet’s office.

    Have recently ceased to give my 3 yr old Cockapoo Milkbones because seems to me they affected her appetite & associated them with finding her (1 scrambled egg) breakfast on the rug last week.

    Wife disagrees.

    You should know that I an arrogant engineer with a high degree of faith in my own observations.

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    Royal Canin Educ a fun way to provide your pet nutrition to your dog as a part of a treat.Royal Canin Educ is the best training treat. you can try also Jerhigh chicken jerky, Chomp.

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    Cesar M

    The best way to giving the treat for your dog is you can made home made food for your lovely dog.

    Thank you

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    Suburban Gal

    I’ve always used a myriad of different treats for training. I’ve found that my dogs like a variety and are always excited to see what I pull out of my treat pouch next.

    That said, some of the treats I use and have used for training in the past include but aren’t limited to the following:

    -Bil-Jac Little-Jacs
    -Bil-Jac Original Recipe Dog Treats
    -NATURE’S RECIPE Dog Training Treats
    -Hill’s® Science Diet Ideal Balance Soft & Chewy Training Treats
    -Crazy Dog Train-Me! Mini Training Reward
    -Pet Botanics Mini Training Reward
    -Butcher’s Selects Premium Treats
    -My Little Wolf Dog Treats
    -Omega Paw’s Thins
    -Lassie Natural Way Flavor Bites

    I try to buy treats with good ingredients that are made in the United States. However, I also try to buy treats I’ll know my dog will eat. If I use something for training purposes and my dog won’t eat it, we have a problem.

    Whatever you’re using for training purposes be sure your dog likes it. It’s more important your dog likes it than who makes it, where it’s made and what ingredients are in it.

    If I have mostly good treats for training and one or two sub-par treats like Pup-Peroni who cares. My dog is mostly getting good treats and it’s not like they’re really getting them outside of training, which is usually an hour once a week for about 5 to 8 weeks.

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    I had a miniature poodle who loved Xxxxx treats. She got blood in her stools, vet found very high liver enzymes (couldn’t figure out why). Suspicious me, I then took her off of Xxxxx treats. While she was disappointed, her appetite did improve. About about a year later wasn’t looking too lively, took to vet for standard testing. She died when her liver fell apart & she bled out at the vet’s office.

    Don’t care to get sued so I leave it to you all to figure out who is Xxxxx.

    No idea which ingredients destroyed her liver or where Xxxxx is made.

    I do know that most of us European-type humans have eaten grain for the last 5000 or so years. Don’t believe Dogs participated in the agricultural revolution. I only get dog food or treats with no grain, made in USA and ingredients I can pronounce. No guarantees, but if you buy grain Dog may not digest it well. Even many humans can’t handle the gluten in grain varieties developed over the last four or so centuries. Wolves/Dogs eat meat, and some vegetables.

    If you buy Chinese food for your own use, you get what you deserve. Your pet does not deserve anything from China.

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    I use cloud star treats. They are healthy and come in grain free varieties (even the soft ones!). They are a US company. I used to use zukes, but since purina took over them I switched to cloud star.

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