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    My little dog should be able to eat 300 calories a day and lose weight. He doesn’t even lose weight on 200 calories a day. At another website I calculated the amount of raw food (meat, organs, bones) my dog should eat if he was his ideal weight (which would be about 14 lbs). It came to 4.48 ounces of raw food (meat) daily. That means 2.24 ounces twice a day. You know how tiny an amount of food that is? My dog would go insane from hunger. I don’t know how to shrink his stomach down or what to do. I have been giving him vegetables to fill him up while decreasing his calorie intake but it is not helping. I am at my wits end. He needs to lose a whopping 4 lbs.

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    What breed of dog is he? How is he exercised? What is his weight now?Most dogs only need 25-30 cals per pound of body weight.
    Raw food is only about 4% of their ideal weight.

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    Ashlee B

    @haleycookie yes I think you’re right

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    Spy Car

    The target amount of food you listed (4.48 ounces ) is 2% of body weight, which is typically about what a large dog requires. However, tiny dogs are typically closer to 3% (or 6.72 oz).

    Best to feed by condition and not a strict formula. But remember you are trying to promote steady weight loss.

    The worst move you can make is to add carbohydrates (vegetables) to your dog’s diet as this will undermine fat metabolism and interfere with weight loss.


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