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    Sam Koch

    I have a 13 pound Chihuahua mix, and suddenly she’ll only take a few bites of food and then not eat. She really liked the food when I started out on it (Merricks Grain Free Salmon and Sweet Potato) but now we’re towards the end of the bag and she won’t eat much of it.

    Bored of the taste? Does she need more exercise?

    P.S. I love what this food changed with her. If you’ve seen my posts before, she’s had some GI issues due to a parasite called Coccidia, which unfortunately took forever to figure out because the rescue “tested for everything” before I got her.
    With Merricks, she seems so much more energetic, her breath doesn’t smell nearly as bad, her boogers/tears have disappeared by about 90%, and her coat is just fabulously soft and smooth.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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