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    Kelly P

    I have a 8yo Newfie/Golden mix who was dx with hypothyroid approx 4.5 wks ago and started on soloxine. things were going great….he was acting like a puppy again!! Then we ran out of dog food….we were planning on switching from Kirkland Nature’s domain grain free formula after the “recall” issues in Nov….but life got away from us and we had to scramble and he was on another brand grain free for 4 days and then switched him to Whole Earth Farms (Merrick’s entry level food) beef formula. 5 days on the Whole Earth farms….he stopped eating. Today is Wed eve….he hasn’t eaten since last friday. Took him to vet on Mon and had full blood panel sent off. The first vet put him on 1mg soloxine BID…..blood test came back showing he was still hypothyroid…and they want to increase his soloxine to 1.5mg BID. Despite the fact that he is exhibiting ALL the hyperthyroid s/s…like arrhythmias…27lb weight loss in 4.5 wks…etc. We finally force-fed him tonight. I started reading the forums on here….and despite asking my vet if (like humans) there were food restrictions when giving soloxine….i was told he can take with food. Either way….at my witts end. Apparently his CBC and Chem 12 and UA came back normal….and T4 or TSH (not sure what they ordered) came back as hypothyroid. Have not gotten copy of results yet.

    Am i dealing with complicated thyroid issues or a food issue? clearly changing his diet has a big part in this….curious about experiences with the Whole Earth Farms brand (got 4.5 stars here). is this just a thyroid replacement issue combined with increase in nutritional quality??

    Any feedback appreciated…. I am a nurse educator for an emergency department….I see a homeopathic physician for my own health…..I get human and dog health stuff….but am stumped and broken hearted right now…..


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