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    Hey all! So I started my dog on reel raw and he absolutely loves it! Ive been feeding him mainly chicken and turkey for the past few weeks. Today I fed him beef, and he didn’t even touch it. With the chicken and turkey, he inhaled them. But the beef patty, he ate a piece and spit it out. I was wondering if this is something to be worried about, or should I keep trying to feed him it? He has had beef before, in both kibble and home cooked ways. But not raw.

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    I would offer it once or twice more, but not force it. If you can get plenty of variety in other protein sources, I wouldn’t worry about feeding beef if he doesn’t take to it.

    One of mine will eat beef, but immediately throw it back up. It just doesn’t agree with him.

    A few years ago I gave one of my bigger dogs a few chicken hearts, and he ate a couple and didn’t finish them. The result was diarrhea. Sometimes they know better than we do!

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    One reason I stopped using Reel Raw was the fact that alot of it seemed very fatty. Does the beef look fatty?

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    He ate the beef finally. But as far as it being fatty, I really can’t tell to be honest. It looks like a burger patty to me.

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    Margaret H

    May be he wants some thing else in his meal. Try to bring variation in your dogs’ meal.

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    Mary N

    Maybe the beef slice was too difficult to chew?
    What dog breed is it?

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    Hi, my kitten eats a raw diet, at first she wouldn’t touch turkey pre-made frozen… he may just like the more leaner white meats with less blood etc, have you tried kangaroo dogs all love kangaroo but kangaroo taste more meaty & is a stronger meat, I didn’t like it, look at trying Rabbit, Goat, Pork, white meats…..
    Is this Pre-made frozen raw your feeding or home made raw?? My kitten wouldn’t eat the Pre-made Raw patties plus when I smelt them they didn’t smell like raw meat should smell, I think I wouldn’t of eaten it as well…. can you take them back? I bought frozen pre-made patties & contacted the company on their Face Book page & they said take back & exchange & try the Rabbit instead but she still wasn’t fussed about the rabbit either, I think it was the brand of raw, so now I buy the fridge chilled raw, its not frozen & she loves it.. I just put in the freezer & freeze it & smells like meat should smell..

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