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    amber t

    Since Oct, my dog has been going through multiple symptoms. It started with vomiting and anorexia. She was given a dexamethasone shot and cerenia and it worked for a week. Then same symptoms same treatment and it worked. Happened again so was given presidone, didn’t work and caused black tarry stools. She had a foul odor, given another shot, worked for almost a month then same thing. Given a Dex shot, not as good on working and then given dex pills. Now she has reddish brown stool (bloody). She is more tired and very burpy. The bloodwork was normal, the xray in Oct was normal and the ultrasound in Nov was normal except enlarged kidneys due to kidney infection. We have tried a few food source, right now she is on buffalo. She is not acting herself before she got sick, she still stresses easy, for example storms, strange people outside. She is almost 12 years old. I have thought of euthanasia if it is needed. The doctor says her condition is either IDB or cancer, only way to tell is an expensive biopsy which I can’t afford at the moment for all the test, medicines, and food that I have tried on her. Have any of you had dogs that developed IBD at a later age or cancer of the GI, or something that sounds similar? Any good foods or supplements or medicines? She has been seen by three different vets.

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    Cheryl G

    I have a chihuahua that was diagnosed with stress induced colitis. She had bloody stools, bad breath and was on different pain meds. She is 8 years old. Her blood work also came back normal, but she still has bloody stools from time to time and does seem in some sort of pain occasionally. My doctor put her on Hills Prescription Diet with stress. It has made a big difference in her stools, digestion and even bad breath. However, I do have 2 other Chihuahuas and sometimes she likes to sneak to eat their food. When that happens, she will start to display symptoms of pain(whining and shaking) and bad breath. I’m almost convinced she many have some type of polyp or cancer in her intestines. And then I have to give her a prescription pain pill. She is also a very nervous dog lately( she grew up with my grandkids, but now she doesn’t want to be bothered by them or any other people except my husband and me) and Dr. Has prescribed Xanax for her to use occasionally.
    The Hills ID with stress was the only food that seemed to work good for her. It is expensive, but my hubby says it’s like medicine. Her dr. Visits are less frequent when she is on this food.

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    Hi amber,
    Has the vet put her on a 2-3week course of Metronidazole yet? the Metronidazole will help with the bad breath, her stomach & her bowel, also is she on an ant acid reducer like Pepcid or Prolosec? especially while having the Dex injections & the steriods pills, steriods will upset her stomach & the vet should put her on a ant acid medication…
    I’d change her food to “Natural Balance” Limited Ingredient Potato & Bison, Potato & Duck or the Potato & Fish LID formula’s, these formula’s have teh least ingredients, have you tried the Natural Balance LID formula’s?
    Ask your vet can you put her on Metronidazole for 2-3 weeks & an ant acid like Losec, my 9yr old IBD boy is on 3 week course of the Metronidazole a low dose, I give my 18kg (40lb) staffy 200mg Metronidazole every 12 hours with a meal also are you feeding 4 smaller meals a day instead of the 2 large meals, have you tried a cooked meals instead of the dry kibble?
    As we get older our stomach doesn’t work like it use to, she may not be digesting her food properly causing the bad breath have you tried any Gastro vet diets? look at Royal Canin Intestinal Gastro Low fat wet canned food for a wet canned food…. I feed some meals cooked & the other meals a low fat kibble & my boy is heap better when he eats the cooked meal.. Try & keep her calm with her stress & when dogs shake can mean she has pain, maybe see a different vet, sounds like she has Coltis (IBD)… what breed is she?

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