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    Shannon W

    I have finally figured out something that works for our Boxer when she does this swallowing/gulping/licking episode. I hope that it will help some of you as well. I have tried so many different things, such as massaging her to relax her, taking recommendations from her vet, letting her go out and eat grass, etc., but nothing has worked until now. As soon as she starts to do this, I give her something to eat in order to make her swallow. I use milkbones, cheese, or something of that sort. After she takes a few bites and has swallowed a few times, it goes away.

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    Hi Shannon.
    next time try a low fat dry biscuit like Jatz or some dry toast white bread toast is best that’s what I use to do before Patch was put on an ant acid medication Omeprazole (Prilosec) also liquid “Mylanta” 5mls 1 teaspoon works great lines the esophagus & stomach… aren’t Milk bones high in fat? just have to be careful with fat it doesn’t make things worse….
    Acid reflux can be from high carb diet, high fat diet, diet with fermentable fibers, barley, oats, oatmeal, legumes, beans, lentils, carrots, apple, peas… Best to avoid these type of foods & see how she goes.

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    Rita M

    Susan , hi just a question …. Has your Patches had anymore episodes of gulping and swallowing? When was the last time ? My dog Ace just had another episode a week and a half ago so now the vet has him on Prilosec twice a day and metronidazole twice a day. I am considering seeing a neurologist if he has anymore episodes.

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    Hi Rita,
    yes just recently Patch has had a 3 swollowing episodes after eating his breakfast in the last 3-4 months but I noticed it only happens around 8am when he hasn’t drank any water after eating his breakfast & gone for his morning walk, he just comes home & goes straight to bed & has a sleep then wakes up 20-30mins later & comes to me swollowing & gulping & wants to go outside & eat grass also I haven’t giving him his Losec yet, I give him his Losec around 8.30-9am, he has been taking 20mg Losec 20mg every day now for about 18mths now, I’d say Patches swollowing gulping is from the kibble swelling in his stomach & there’s no water & te dry kibble comes back up into throat into his mouth or his Losec dose needs to be increased & 1/2 a 20mg Losec tablet needs to be given at night 12 hours after his morning dose was given, I’ll have to talk with his Vet but first I’m making sure its not cause he doesn’t drink water after eating his breakfast & morning walk …. but I think it’s from not drinking any water after eating breakfast cause this is the only times it seems to happen around 8am, I make sure after he eats breakfast & when we comes home from his
    7.15am walk, he has a little drink of his water, I take over a bowl of water if he’s gone straight to his bed when we come home, I’m noticing he is becoming lazy or his lower back might be hurting him we have just found a weird bone growth out of the top of his back leg into his spine, we thought it’s not bothering him but after watching him closely thise last 2 months thru Winter I think this bone growth might be bothering him, Staffys are so hard to read, they don’t show when they have pain…

    I would give the Prilosec & Metronidazole twice a day for how long vet has prescribe it. How long has your vet prescribe the Metronidazole & Prilosec for?? 21 days is best, so the Metronidazole can kill the bad bacteria living in the stomach walls, then when the Metronidazole course is finished continue giving the Prilosec but only give 1 x 20mg Prilosec a day in the morning, it’s best to give Losec of a morning, works better my Gastro Dr said & so did Patches IBD vet, Prilosec doesn’t have to be taking before food like other ant acid meds need to be taken… At the moment you’d be giving the Metronidazole with food & giving them together…
    This is awful to watch but go on Google & google “My Dog having Seizure” they don’t gulp or swollow & if 1 dog licks mouth in video its cause he’s feeling sick from the seizure, he’s not gulping & swollowing like my boy does….
    When the acid comes up their throat into their mouth, they don’t know what to do so they try & swollow & swollow the acid, they need either a dry biscuit or some liquid Mylanta to soothe the acid reflux back into the stomach or grass to vomit up all the acid… I really think once your dog takes his Prilosec daily he’ll be better & more comfortable..& watch everything he does & when does he have his swollowing & gulping attack is it after eating is it when he hasnt eaten all night etc…

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    Dana N

    I have a Bernese Mountain Dog with this issue. Gulping, swallowing, drooling with eyes that say “please help me” and a desperate need to eat grass. After reading lots of blogs, I have come to the conclusion that it is nausea and I am going to try 1) Digize Essential Oils when he has his next episode, a probiotic in his food and wetting his food…. wish us luck.

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    Hi Dana,
    what is he eating?? how high is the fiber % ?
    Look for low fiber under 4%, lower carb under 38% diets, oils can make acid reflux/nausea worse just be careful, I’d try & cook one of his meals, use easy to digest meats like turkey & chicken, get some chicken breast cut up into small pieces, just bring to the boil do not over cook as the chicken pieces. they will be like hard leather pieces & boiled some sweet potatoes or plain white potatoes, mix 1/2 chicken & 1/2 potato & some boil pumkin about 1 spoon of pumkin, I freeze boiled pumkin pieces in the freezer in those ice cube trays & take out as I need some pumkin, the pumkin thaws very quickly, pumkin soothes the stomach, you watch he’ll be better after eating a lean low fat, low fiber cooked meal then when he eats the dry kibble….
    Sometimes the dog ends up needing an acid reducer, i’d be trying an acid reducer like liquid “Mylanta” its a white powdery liquid that relieves nausea & acid reflux, I keep a small bottle in the fridge, when its cold it soothe the throat, esophagus & stomach, you give 1 teaspoon, 5mls when needed, when he’s gulping grass, my boy use to wait near the fridge for his Mylanta when he felt real sick, Mylanta was the only medication he let me give him so it must of done something to help also Slippery Elm made into a sloppy paste & kept in the fridge helps, go to health food store & get some slippery elm powder, you boil the jug & add boiled water to about under 1 teaspoon slippery elm powder & make a sloppy paste so you can pull up into a those big 20ml syringes or put on 1 teaspoon or open his mouth & put on his tongue….
    I wouldnt be giving any oils, you need to work out what is causing the problem, why is he’s getting nausea??
    the only test that will give vet some answers is to have an Endoscope & Biopies done the biopies will tell the vet whats going on, my boy had Helicobacter-Pylori this makes them feel real sick & have bad acid reflux, I’ve had Helicobacter its awful & takes a while to get rid off, but first try changing his diet, then you watch him after he eats, does he seem uncomfortable when he kibble is he better after he eats his cooked meals……..

    Have you tried “4Health” Special Care Sensitive Stomach dry formula?? its Egg & Potato very easy to digest ingreients, is low in fiber-3%, low in fat-13% & carbs-40%, also has probiotics & prebiotics in it…. give it a go & see if there’s an improvement with his stomach… I’ve heard alot of really good results with the “4health” Sensitive Stomach & Sensitive Skin formula’s..

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    deb s

    Hi everyone! I have a dog who has been suffering from this disorder for years. After many visits to Tufts Veterinary Hospital in Grafton, MA, the neurologists there determined these episodes to be Complex Partial Seizures. It has nothing to do with their diet. Although stress and high anxiety are related to the occurrence of these gulping, licking, swallowing, panicking episodes. We are treating with Paroxetine 40 mg daily for the anxiety and Zonisamide for the seizure. She’s been 8 months without one episode! She almost died after ripping up the wall to wall carpeting and eating as much of as it as she could during an unsupervised episode. Please consider seeing a neurologist. Even Tufts was not completely familiar with these episodes but did help us tremendously!

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    @ deb s

    Thank you for sharing your experience with this disorder.

    I am sure it will help some dog owners. When your regular vet has not been helpful within a reasonable amount of time. Consult a specialist. I am familiar with Tufts er, they are excellent at diagnosing.

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    deb s

    Combining an anti anxiety/depression med with a seizure med will very likely help your dog! Their behavior during these episodes can be life threatening if they ingest inedible objects or too much hair. It’s really important to try to keep these episodes to a minimum. I am so grateful we finally found something that helps! It really doesn’t have anything to do with acid or grain free food. It’s a misfiring in the brain that triggers them to gulp and swallow over and over for hours……at least that’s what we’ve found 🙂

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    deb s

    I’m praying our experience can help others. Good luck! Deb

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    Patty R

    I have been dog sitting my sons’ family’s adopted cattle dog mix. She is 9 months old and very well behaved…everything was fine since Christmas. Last night she started licking frantically all surfaces in the house, gulping air like she was trying burp, threw up 4 times, the contents included carpet finge from throw rugs, etc. She wouldn’t settle down. I had never seen this behavior before in any pet that we have had. Startled, my husband and I took her to the nearest vet. $634 later, after an examination, three X rays, anti nausea injection, a tox screen and fluid injection, we brought her home. She settled down quite and bit and was fine all day today until right before feeding time this evening, which is five p.m.(she gets fed twice a day). I figured she was hungry so I fed her the chicken and rice mixture the vet had recommended. She continued with the licking and I offered her water, which she drank, then she continued this frantic behavior. I finally put her in the crate her owners left for her to sleep in and she is fine now. A few burps but settled down and quiet.

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    Hi Patty,
    I would be feeding 3-4 smaller meals a day & see if this helps, could be acid reflux (Helicobator-Pylori) she’ll need either blood test or Endoscope+Biopsies to confirm…. Helicobacter-Pylori is very uncomfortable you get bad acid reflux, noring pain across your stomach, you feel very hungry all the time as soon as you eat the noring pain subsides then your hungry 30mins later, food seems to relieve the noring pain in your stomach making you want to eat & eat so a dog would start eating everything they could get into…
    a 21 day course of Metronidazole & Losec will fix things & start feeding a low fiber, low carb gluten free diet is best, Patch ended up staying on the Losec it keeps the Helicobacter at bay..

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    @ Patty R

    It sounds like the veterinary er treated the dog’s condition as an acute emergency

    It is very important that you follow up with your regular vet and/ or a specialist (neurologist) asap.

    Please read some of prior posts.

    An accurate diagnosis and the correct treatment is crucial. You won’t find that on the internet.

    Often it may just be getting started the right medication, if it’s a seizure disorder. This shouldn’t be too expensive and will stop the suffering you are seeing.
    She is at the age when idiopathic epilepsy shows up. It is treatable and will not effect her longevity
    But untreated seizures will cause more damage. Her condition may not be diet related, other than possible
    environmental and dietary triggers.

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    BUMP (from a prior post on the same topic)

    Example: Complex Partial Seizures (aka Psychomotor or Behavioral): Seizures: are associated with bizarre or complex behaviors that are repeated during each seizure. People with complex partial seizures experience distortions of thought, perception or emotion (usually fear), sometimes with unusual visual, olfactory, auditory and gustatory sensations. If dogs experience the same things, it may explain the lip-smacking, chewing, fly biting, aggression, vocalization, hysterical running, cowering or hiding in otherwise normal animals. Vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal distress, salivation, blindness, unusual thirst or appetite, and flank biting are other signs. There is an obvious lack of awareness though usually not lack of consciousness. Abnormal behaviors may last minutes or hours and can be followed by a generalized seizure. Complex partial seizures are usually associated with secondary epilepsy. (excerpt from) http://www.canine-epilepsy.com/FAQ.html

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    Mike S

    Thank you for the info Deb S. My wife and I are desperate. Out wheaten terrier has been battling gulpies for over 1.5 years including emergency surgery for a blockage and a near miss that needed an endoscopy. He actually was symptom free for seven months on a new food and Pepcid but the gulping episodes came back out of the blue. Vet tried hydrolized protein food, switching from Pepcid to Prylosec, and giving him Prozac thinking anxiety may be a trigger. They’ve also tried reglan/cerenia/sucralfate, and other meds listed in this forum when he’s having the episodes and even a valium suppository the last time the gulpies started. Recent biopsy came back normal. Some irritation in the upper GI but nothing significant. Tonight he’s having another episode and is inconsolable. Trying ot eat anything he can. His local vet, his emergency vet, and his neurologist are stumped. Is there any way you can share the name of the vet at Tufts who was able to help you? We’re outside of Boston but I was hoping they could share their testing, results, and suggestions with our vet(s). He’s the greatest pup and so happy when he’s healthy. We’re desperate to get him help and a cure. Thanks. Mike

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    Hi Mike S,
    My Patch went down hill real quickly after we had moved 2 months ago so he had an Endoscope + Biopsies last Tuesday, his biopsies results said he has Spiral Helicobactor-Pylori back but mild this time, he has Gingitivis back molars so he had his teeth cleaned while he was under to have the Endoscope done, he has Gastritis, he has red inflammation down his wind pipe, the lower esophageal spincter flap that closes to the esophagus & wind pipe isnt closing, I’d say this is what might be happening with your boy & there’s nothing that can be done my vet said except keep Patch on a Protein Pump Inhibitor like Omeprazole or Pantoprazole, I asked my Dr when I seen him the day after Patch had his Endoscope & my Dr said you can not do anything except take Somac or Losec one of the Protein Pump Inhibitors that have long-lasting reduction of stomach acid being made & coming up the esophagus into the mouth, this taste awful when te acid comes into the mouth, the Holistic Vet came into the Vets room I was in to tell me have I tried Carafate made into a slury you break half the tablet & add about 15ml water dissolve carafate in bowl then pull back up into syringe & give to the dog this didn’t seem to help Patch when I woke him up 6am to give to him before he eats breakfast, he got up went outside did his wee then he started gulping grass this was before he had the Endoscope done I tried Carafate dissolved in water, the Holistic vet has a pug who has similar problems to Patch gulping etc her dog was finally put on Losec & is getting better with her gulping episodes & she gives her the Garafate made into a slurry to soothe the throat & esophagus…

    Patch has been on the losec 2 years this April 20mg every morning same time, are you still giving your boy the Prolosec every day in morning?? it can be giving with food its not like pepcid, Losec (Omeprazole) works differently & is heaps better then the Pepicid (Famotidine) we dont have the Famotidine in Australia no more, Pepcid is an old ant acid drug & needs to be given before food, Im changing Patch from his Losec to Pantoprazole (Somac) thats what I take I have Non Ulcer Dispepsia where the flap doesn’t close when the brain sends the msg for flap to close, I have tried a few different Protein Pump Inhibitor medication then I got a new Gastro Dr when I moved back in 2001 & he said start taken Pantoprazole (Somac) it’s the best drug for Esophagaeal problems, I have C.R.E.S.T & C.O.R.D I get heartburn/acid reflux coming back up into throat/mouth & got better after being put on te Pantopazole (Somac) even stopped my Nuasea, now I really want to try the Pantoprazole with Patch but the vet thet did Patch Endoscope & Biopsies rung me last night & he said he has been looking at all the research & there’s not much scientific research on Pantoprazole with dogs & he said the Paantoprazole is very similair to the Omeprazole (Losec)… Patch is taken the Triple Therapy again Metronidazole, Amoxicilian & Losec again for 3 weeks to get rid of his Spiral Helicobacter & the vet is hoping this will stop the acid coming up into Patch mouth he said we may never fix all Patches health problems just control them, need to find a diet that agrees with him & stick with it but the problem is I do that & then Patch starts reacting to the food he’s been eating 24/7 sometimes I think vets do not have enough research & studies on certain health problems & they dont know what to do, its best to join facebook groups & ask people what did you do with your dog, what worked? what did he eat??
    I feed baked beef rump, sliced potato, sliced sweet potato, carrots not much put it all in a baking dish added water till it was everything was covered put in oven for 3hrs then I put thru the blender & Patch seems so much better then I gave him some kibble later on for his next meal he eats 4-5 meals a day & he started with his mouth licking & swolling, I really think 100% that kibble is the problem…
    Have you tried Royal Canine Gastro Intestinal Low Fat wet can food? in Australia we have been having problems getting any Royal Canin into Australia, apparantly R/C didn’t fill out the importation/custom forms out properly so our Royal Canine cant come into the country, the R/C Intestinal Gastro Low Fat wet tin food has different ingredient now theres no rice or corn just meat & animal derivitives, cereals derivitives of vegetables orgins, mineral, oils & fats, yeast etc Patch did real well the first can I feed him then I went back to the vets 3 days later & bought 2 more R/C Gastro low fat canned food opened 1 can gave Patch 1/2 the can then he has gulping swolloing I thought whats has happened he ate it the other day & did well then I reliesed Ive gotten cans from another batch of R/C Gastro Low fat & it had orange oil 1-2cm bottom of the can so this batch had heaps of oils, Patch cant have fish/salmon oils so this is when I bought the Rump beef steaks & started baking it with the Potato & sweet potato trying to do what teh R/C gastro canned food has but as for the Cereal I dont know what they use this R/C food comes from Europe..

    I hope something in this long post helps your boy, something I’m doing or what Im trying you try helps your boy, but if your boy isnt on a Protein Pump Inhibitor please ask your vet can your boy try either the Omeprazole or the Pantopazole & see how does he go & start an elimintaion cooked diet this way you can control the ingredients if you can stay away from high fat, high carbs, high fiber kibbles… Good-Luck if you do try something & your boy gets better please post a really good group I joined years ago I dont even know if its still going it was a Yahoo group called “IBDOGS” there was a lady that knew alot about IBD & told me to do Endoscope & Biopsies on Patch like Patch vet told me lst night he said we will never fix Patches health problems but we can control them & try & make him comfortable & find foods that agree with him….Metronidazole seem to help when all this happens the Metronidazole kills the bad bacteria in the stomach & small bowel & the Losec seems to keep the stomach acids down as long as he doesnt eat anything that doesnt agree with his but like you your been feding a food that agreed with him then all of a sudden its back??? I find when I rotate with a few foods Patch does ghis best this time I tried a kibble with Beet Pulp I dont know if thats what made Patch go down hill or was it STRESS??…

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    Mike S

    Thank you so much for your response, Susan. You’ve provided so much useful info and I’ll be sharing it with our vet later this week. I’ll be sure to discuss the Protein Pump Inhibitor points you raised. Mozzie is back home from the emergency vet. Exhausted, but not gulping at the moment. I’m so sorry for what you and Patch are dealing with but also thankful for forums like these where people reach out to help others in need. The gulpies are such a terrible condition. I hope to report back with good news at some point.

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    deb s

    Mike – how is your dog doing? Tufts is in Massachusetts. Are you from that area? Our neurologist has since left Tufts Veterinary Hospital but Dr. Faissler is the lead Neurologist there and if you call, you can get an appt. How’s your dog doing? I’m so sorry I didnt see your response. Feel free to contact me dsidur@umass.edu

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    deb s

    Susan – how is Patch doing?

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    deb s

    @Patty R
    Any news on your son’s dog?

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    deb s

    @ anon1
    Thank you for providing the complex partial seizure info on this thread. I know it’s so hard to see this happening to our dogs. Jinny continues to have these episodes every month or so and she will eat absolutely ANYTHING she can get down her throat so it’s absolutely imperative to keep your dog from ingesting inedible objects during these episodes. Even ingesting a large amount of hair, dust, carpet fibers can cause a life threatening blockage.

    My dog is on anti seizure medicine now. Phenobarbitol has been found to have the greatest success. I have also read about the bacteria in the stomach causing pain and reflux so I may look into the antibiotic that treats that, as well. The flap not closing is also a big concern because the brain will send a signal to close it. Over and over and over again. So there are a lot of loose ends and it’s SO sad our dogs are going through this. Please. Talk to a good neurologist. Also, a good high quality CBD oil enabled Jinny to go six months without an episode. I have a hard time affording it because good high quality can run you $80-$100 a month. But it’s not harmful and it’s only helpful and it made a huge difference for Jinny. I’d love to know how everyone’s dogs are doing. I am so committed to finding real answers and a real solution for this terrible condition. It’s really awful.

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    deb s

    My dog is also fed a completely 100% raw diet. She’s been raw fed for two years since the day I adopted her and she continues with the episodes.

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    deb s

    How do we reply to someone’s comment so they get notified they have a response waiting? I see some posts here and I would like to respond to that person but it wont let me respond directly. Help?

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    There isn’t Deb. You just have to hope they clicked the “notify me of follow up replies via email” box below.

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    Holly D

    I am so glad to have found this post! So much helpful information.
    Rooney had an episode of the gulping, frantic grass eating and vomiting about a year ago. I noticed for about the last week he would gulp every so often then Monday night (it is now Weds morning) he had a full blown episode! I gave him Omeprazole right when it started and another yesterday and this morning but the vomiting and some slight gulping has been going on since. I gave him a little rice with a bit of sensitive stomach ID canned food last night but he threw it up around 4am this morning. Not sure if I should feed him or not this morning. Fortunately, he is not frantically eating grass and seems calm now but he has not been able to keep anything down since and still has the gulping every so often. He still wants to eat, is drinking water and pooping normal. Figured I’d take him to the vet today just to be on the safe side.
    He is a basset hound and tends to eat anything he can find! I thought maybe it was prompted by something he ate…but, he was also on a round of antibiotics a couple of weeks ago for an ear infection so I though maybe his stomach flora is messed up.
    Also – he is on Apoquel – is anyone else’s dog taking this for allergies? I was wondering if that could be causing a problem??
    It is so horrible to watch them go through this and I hate to see Rooney so uncomfortable! It’s a been a rough couple of nights up and down and out at all hours. I’ve been up since 4 this morning and guess who is back curled up and sleeping soundly in my spot in the bed? 🙂

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    Sounds like two separate issues, posts below are per the search engine.

    Regarding the allergies /forums/topic/pea-free-food/#post-111744

    Regarding the neurological symptoms /forums/topic/dog-gulping-and-swallowing/page/5/#post-109171


    See what the vet advises.

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    Holly D

    Further on above post… Rooney got up and was heading into that full blown gulping panic to get out and eat grass. I read that Omeprazole can take a while to act but Pepcid can give relief in minutes so I gave him a Pepcid, a couple of pieces of kibble and a couple of spoonfuls of the gravy from the ID food. I let him eat a little grass but he did not vomit this time.
    Thinking how when I have my migraines, I massage the acupressure points that associate for headaches I thought maybe there could be something similar for dogs…and, yes, there are charts for dogs. Figured it was worth a shot.
    I started to massage where they said – on the outside hind leg, just below the knee, in a clear depression in the middle of the muscle toward the front of the leg – and the minute I started, Rooney let out a big burp! Maybe it helped a little?
    He’s still having little gulping spurts but I’ll see how he is this morning and probably still take him to the vet later today.

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    Definitely check with the vet. Ask if it could be a side effect from the apoquel?
    Anything is possible. To me it sounds more like a neurological disorder than an upset stomach. GI upset could be a symptom but not the main issue.
    I would refrain from giving the dog any otc meds till you speak to the vet.
    Just offer water due to the vomiting (no food).

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    Hi Holly,
    what has Rooney been eating when these gulping episode started?
    With Omeprazole (Prilosec) it needs to be taken daily same time is best given in the morning before breakfast, I give Patch 1 x 20mg Losec as soon as he wakes up, by the time I make my cuppa, feed the cat & prepare Patches breakfast he has waited 20mins so the Losec has had time to dissolve in stomach & send msg to brain, do not release hydrochloric acid into stomach, just make sure when you do give any tablets you use a syringe filled with water & put the Losec tablet on back of tongue down his throat then put syringe in the side of his mouth & push water out of syringe into moouth so the tablet goes into the stomach & doesnt sit in his throat & dissolve….
    When Rooney seems to be having bad acid reflux give the Prilosec for 3-4 days then if you want to stop giving the Losec stop but once he takes the Prilosec more then 15-20 days you need to reduce slowly 2 days give then 1 day none etc, in the beginning I use to give Patch Losec for 3-4 days on, then 3 days off the Prilosec depending if he started his gulping, then I realised he was heaps better while taking his Losec so he’s been on Losec 2yrs now but last week I changed him over to 20mg-Somac (Pantropazole) another Proton Pump Inhibitor (PPI) as Patches lower esohageal Sphincter flap isnt closing properly now & the acid is washing back up into his throat & wind pipe, certain foods make it worse he can NOT eat wet can foods or cooked food now only kibble seems to sstay down…

    I havent read your post properly but if your dog is taking Apoquel (a drug I wouldnt give Patch after reading the bad side effects), Apoquel can cause bad side effects with some dogs, I’ve read alot of dogs vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, sleeping all day etc the company that makes Apoquel has brought out Cytopoint Injection now, Cytopoint Injection has less side effects, the injection is given every 4-8 weeks depending on the dog.
    I would also start your dog on a limited ingredient diet, 1 carb & 1 lean meat protein, just in case he has food sensitivities & is reacting to a few ingredients & getting itchy skin, smelly yeasty ears/paws or intestinal problems, keep the fat around 10 to 14% for a dry kibble, with wet can foods around 3% & under for fat when you convert 3%min fat in wet/raw can foods it’s around 8%min to 12%max fat…
    The vet diet Hills I/d may have ingredients he’s sensititive too & he’s reacting also vet diets are very high in omega oils that can cause bad acid reflux, Patch & a few other dogs that have IBD, IBS etc don’t do too well on vet diets….
    Do you belong to any face book groups for Canine IBD or “Canine Pancreatitis support group” has a few dogs with IBD, IBS, Food sensitivities, or “Dog Issues, Allergies & other Information Support group” has dogs with food senitivities, allergies, itchy skin, paws, ears etc dogs with most health problems…
    Have you tried the “Natural Balance” LTD dry -Sweet Potato & Bison or Potato & Duck or Sweet Potato & Fish formula’s? I dont know which wet Natural Balance LTD can food has 3% & under for fat here’s the conversion calculator so you can save & convert the fat protein fiber in wet can foods raw foods if you buy them the etc http://www.k-9kraving.com/resources/calculator.php

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    Mike S

    Hi Deb. Thanks for the info. We’re just outside Boston and have visited a neurologist at MassVet since i last posted. Currently, Mozzie is on 20MG Prilosec, 20MG Fluoxetine, and 500MG Levetiracetam (x2) each day so basically treating many of the possibile causes though not knowing which is causing the gulpies at this time. Since the last major gulping incident his primary care vet also had us transition him to Hills Z/D canned. During the transition, he had some occasional minor gulps that didn’t turn manic. We used distraction techniques during these recent minor episodes and he usually stops in a minute or so, which is interesting. Thankfully, no gulps for the past few days. We have a follow-up appointment this week to discuss next steps.

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    David M

    Hi All,
    Our 3 year old mutt named pepper has been dealing with the gulping episodes for several years now. We are fairly certain its psychological/anxiety issues. The episodes almost always happen at night around 1-2 am and are random every few months or so. However today she had one at 5pm before dinner and another just now at 2am. I haven’t tried anything in terms of antacids, i honestly didn’t know dogs could eat them. often she just eats grass for 45 mins and settles down. We have her annual check-up tommorow and ill be sure to mention many of the things listed in this thread, big thanks in advance, glad to know we aren’t alone!

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    GAby R

    Hi there, I have a almost 9 year old Maltese/yorke. she has been swallowing and licking a bit, not much, I am wondering if it could be due to dry air in the bedroom. She is currently on Instinct, just wondering if maybe the food is not good for her, she has been on that for months, I have thought maybe of switching her food, but with so many choices there, not sure which once would be the best for her. thank you

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    GAby R

    forgot to mansion that she is constantly hungry. lol

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    Before switching food (I have never used Instinct but if it is one of those raw foods, I wouldn’t recommend) Small breeds are notorious for not doing well on raw foods. Not worth the risk for any dog (imo)
    I would take her in for a veterinarian visit, senior workup complete with dental check, labs and whatever else your vet recommends (if you have not done so already).
    I doubt if her symptoms have anything to do with “dry air”.

    If she has had a recent vet check then I would put a call in to your vet and see what he thinks.
    There are many things that could cause the symptoms you describe, it’s impossible for anyone over the internet to guess, nor should they try.

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    GAby R

    She had blood work done. She is clear for diabetes and dental in good condition. She had a bit of kidney results elevated but vet said she is not worried. She said it’s normal She has advised me to giver her a bit of milk thistle Instinct does have raw food in it. Is there a food that you would recommend They have so many choices these days pretty confusing. She was on wellness before but I read that grains are bad for dogs. So confused on the dog food thing. The only test she had not done is thyroid which at this time the vet said to monitor her. She is very energetic and has lots of energy. For 9. She is still bouncing off the walls so I really don’t know why she does it. Thanks

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    Maybe the milk thistle is causing gastrointestinal upset an/or allergies.
    Some information here http://skeptvet.com/Blog/2011/04/milk-thistle-in-dogs-and-cats/
    See the comments too.

    I like Zignature or Nutrisca as a base for dog food, I always add something like a bit chopped boiled chicken meat or something and a little water.
    I have heard good things about Pro Plan Focus for sensitive skin and stomach.

    Hope these articles help. When you do “research” you are going to get all kinds of opinions.
    Homeopathic veterinarians have very different views on diet than traditional veterinarians.
    So you will get a lot of conflicting information, and some of it will not be accurate.

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    Instinct isn’t a bad food. It has freeze dried in it, not true raw food. Maybe try a different formula within the brand you’re on, Instinct has MANY to choose from.

    In regards to anon101’s suggestion to read that link regarding milk thistle, the author misinterpreted the Cochrane review. It was stated in the review that EVERY trial assessed was of low quality so no judgement could be made. skeptvet took that as “low quality trials showed benefit, high quality showed negatives”. as this was not mentioned once in the Cochrane review, I would take it with a grain of salt. Listen to your vet. Something anon101 always tells people to do unless it disagrees with his beliefs.

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    Thanks for providing your input. Even if it is incorrect. You may want to read the “commenting policy” here at this site.

    Personal attacks are discouraged.

    I find it comical that you are calling a board certified veterinarian’s opinion based on scientific research or lack of, false.

    If any vet that I went to suggested I try milk thistle on a dog (especially a senior). I would immediately find another vet.
    Not all supplements are benign.

    PS: I took the stuff myself once, years ago. I vomited within 2 hours. The crap smells horrid.
    The OP’s vet must be “homeopathic”.
    No thank you!

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    GAby R

    I think everyone is allowed to their opinion on here. Thank you both for your feedback. I really appropriate it. I am not too concern about thr milk thiesel. I know people that tried it on their dog and it has great benefits. I am not a 100 percent sure what if I will be doing that but I have gotten 3 opinions and all 3 vets said they it was safe for my dog. They do not recommend large dosage. As far as dog food. I will try different one from instinct. This is a vet high quality food and it has great reviews. Thanks everyone for your feedback

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    “I think everyone is allowed to their opinion on here. Thank you both for your feedback. I really appropriate it. I am not too concern about thr milk thiesel. I know people that tried it on their dog and it has great benefits. I am not a 100 percent sure what if I will be doing that but I have gotten 3 opinions and all 3 vets said they it was safe for my dog. They do not recommend large dosage. As far as dog food. I will try different one from instinct. This is a vet high quality food and it has great reviews. Thanks everyone for your feedback”

    Have the 3 vets actually examined your dog? Just as I thought. Probably homeopathic vet sites selling miracle cures.

    I think you should be concerned about supplements, most of them are a waste of money. And, they can cause harm.

    Best of luck.

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    GAby R

    Yes the dog was examined by 3 vets and the blood work was reviewed by them all. So I would not say that they try to sell me things as I am actually going to purchase the supplement on my own from organic store.

    I don’t understand why you are rude. You don’t need to believe in supplements but everyone is entitled to their opinion and I don’t appreciate you being so negative when you don’t know my pet or her vet.

    I just joined this website. But I didn’t realize this website is not for advise but to attack other people.

    I will be removing myself from this website. Because my dog is my world and money is not an object for me. She is very well taken care of and has wellness test every year.

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    Hi Gaby,
    Please don’t go Gaby, I know to end up here on DFA, your desperate to help your dog… that’s how I got here 5yrs ago…
    I hate seeing dogs suffer, Ive been thru heaps with Patches IBD & like to help other dogs get on the right track & get better, its sad having a sick dog epecially when some vets do NOT know what’s wrong with these dogs…

    This sounds like what my Patch gets, very hungry, stomach pain, eats food then feel better for a couple of hours, then it all starts over again, he gets Helicobacter-Pylori Spirals”, all dogs have Helicobacter BUT the Helicobacter takes over some dogs stomach & lives in their stomach wall cause they don’t have a healthy stomach….
    Ask your vet can you do “Endoscope + Biopsies” or ask vet can ur dog start the Triple Therapy meds “Metronidazole” taken every 12 hours with a meal. “Amoxicillin” also taken every 12 hours with a meal & 20mg “Prilosec” (Ant Acid Blocker) taken in morning 30mins before breakfast & then other meds taken with breakfast, these 3 drugs are taken for 3 weeks….
    The first time Patch took the Triple Therapy meds, he became better within 5days I had a normal dog, he finshed all the triple therapy meds but within 2-3 months Patch was hungry again, whinging again the Helicobacter returned, so we re did the 3 week triple therapy meds & when the triple therpy meds finished, I continued the Losec every morning, so the Helicobacter has no stomach acid to live in…I read a study that had been done where taken when a PPI is taken (Prilosec) it stopps the Helicobacter from returning, Patches Helicobacter did NOT return for 4-5 yrs, then last December Patch went dont hill & stopped eating, so I started feeing him dry kibble with grains & Beet Pulp, kibbles he he’d eat, he still continued to go down hill so I asked his vet can we do another the Endoscope & Biopsies, I thought he had Stomach Cancer but Patches Helicobacter Spiral were mild & returning, so back on the triple therapy meds & we increased & changed his PPI (acid blocker) which is Pantoprazole now, but I think the Losec was working better??

    Look for low fiber, gluten free, grain free diet…. if you can feed cooked meal or feed freeze dried raw thats heaps better then a dry kibble… Feed 4-5 smaller meals a day, dont just feed 2 larger meals a day, need to keep the acid reflux down…
    Patches lower esophageal Spincter flap isnt closing now & kibble is the only thing that stays down in his stomach, wet cooked canned foods come back up… Patch is 9yrs old…

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    Hi GAby R
    I hope you are still here because everyone on here is not rude and am sorry what you had to experience-I have been subjected to that myself.

    I just wanted to say that the symptoms you have described can most definitely be caused by food especially a higher fat food like Instinct. I would suggest trying a food with lower fat.

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