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    Marika M

    I have an 8 year old female husky/heeler. She urinates multiple times & frequently ONLY when outside. She can be inside for long periods of time during the day and/or overnight and never ‘has’ to go outside to urinate. She does not urinate in the house. Is that normal for any of the issues for frequent urination – UTI, diabetes etc?

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    Hi, Marika M

    At the age of 8 your dog is due for a senior workup, a physical, lab work and whatever else your veterinarian determines is necessary.

    No one on the internet, no matter how much they consult Dr Google can tell you what is wrong with your dog or advise you accordingly.

    Only a veterinarian that has examined your dog and reviewed it’s history can diagnose and give you an educated guess as to how to proceed with the care of your dog.

    If I were you, I would select a veterinarian close to home and make an appointment, today.
    All of the maladies you mentioned are possible, all require the care and treatment prescribed by a veterinarian.

    Please try to listen….I have learned these things the hard way.

    PS: Obtain a urine sample if you can, use a clean empty prescription pill bottle….sounds like it could be crystals. If you can’t, don’t worry about it. The vet can strait cath, it only takes a second and does not hurt the dog. It actually provides a more sterile sample.

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    Marika M

    Thank you. I already have an appt. I was asking for any advice in case someone has had the same issue due to the fact she can hold it for hours while inside. Also asking due to the fact that not all vets have all of the answers and sometimes having a different insight can be helpful.

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    It may just be age related. Blood work and a urinalysis will show if anything else is going on that would require treatment.
    The thing is, you have noticed a change in her usual elimination habits, so it is best to rule out a medical cause and go from there.
    Maybe offer her more frequent bathroom breaks, if possible. If she has crystals or a uti they tend to eliminate several times, cause the bladder is irritated and they feel like it’s not totally emptied despite urinating several times. Or it could just be her pattern….
    Best of luck.
    PS: Although they can “hold it” for hours, it’s not always good, as stagnant conditions in the bladder can lead to problems, especially as the dog gets older.
    Make sure she is drinking enough water, add a little to her meals if you are not sure, at least a splash.

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    Terry K

    this was happening to my dog and he had bladder stones and 4 stuck in his uretha.
    Get him to the vet and get XRAYS

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    “Get him to the vet and get XRAYS”
    Yes, I agree. My dog had frequent utis, they responded to the antibiotics but kept coming back. They were being caused by stones. He ended up at the emergency vet, x-rays/ultrasounds revealed stones and he had emergency surgery as this can be a life threatening condition.

    I would not skip the x-rays if your vet recommends them.

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