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    Dennis H

    I have been breeding and showing dogs for fifty years. During that time I worked for two major pet food companies (25 years combined). Back when I began, Purina Dog Chow, Ken L Ration, Blue Mountain and Gains Meal where about the only dry foods around, canned was pretty much Skippy’s, Blue Mountain, Ken L Ration.
    Loved the Blue Mountain baked kibble and their canned.
    Since then I have used any number of foods some which worked well, some which did so-so and others which were a bust.
    We have had basset hounds, rottweilers, miniature bull terriers and now have a young 8 month old airedale.
    We were feeding her an expensive fairly new big brand puppy food and she began to loose coat. We changed to Kirkland Puppy and lo and behold the hair is coming back. She maintains good weight and we do free feed. She is not a glutton which helps. Just my two “sense” worth.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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