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    I have a (barely) year old GSD who has a severe allergy to any fish meal or oil, and a milder reaction to kelps and seaweeds. In the last year I’ve had her on a few different brands, but the lack of variability has left me stumped and digging around in my wallet. She was weaned onto Wellness Core and did pretty well on that but she eventually grew to not liking it very much and apathetic at meal times and for the cost it wasn’t worth it. Since then I have tried her on, Earthborn Holistic (where I first had a glimpse of the relentless itch of allergies), Canidae, Taste of the Wild and Acana for a stint. Preferably, I’d like something that gets 4-5 stars here but is also somewhat affordable, I can’t pay 40.00$ for a 20lb bag. The pup eats goes through about 60lbs a month.

    If possible, though less pressing than a good quality food that I can get (a bunch of the brands I’ve been researching cost ungodly amounts to ship to me) I would prefer there to be a couple of varieties within the same brand that don’t have fish so that I can switch proteins every few months if need be.

    Looking back on it that’s an incredibly long list, any recommendations? ;-;

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    Shipping should be free. Chewy, PetFlow and Wag all offer free shipping with a minimal purchase. All carry all kinds of dog related items as well (supplements, toys, chews etc) in case you’re a little short. Chewy is my first recommendation because they have the best return policy and excellent customer service.

    Foods I like are Farmina, Dr Tim’s, Annamaet, Nature’s Logic. You’ll have to check out ingredients.

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    60 pounds a month? Wow, that seems like a lot. Anyway, My favorite budget friendly kibble are: Victor, Whole Earth Farms, and Eagle Pack. Not sure if any of these fit your needs, but I’ve had good luck with them. I have two large dogs and a herd of kitties. Best wishes!

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    Bobby dog

    Hi projectleda:
    Here are some brands in my rotation that are rated 4-5 stars that might fall within your budget Nutrisource, Fromm, Infinia, and Precise. I don’t know if any of the recipes fit your criteria.

    Not sure where you are located or if it’s within your budget, but these sites offer free shipping after a minimum is met, usually around $45, Chewy, Petco, PetSmart, and Petflow. Some might only offer this deal if you are located in the contiguous U.S. Most sites offer discounts for auto ship and Chewy is extremely flexible with their auto ship plans.

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