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    susan s

    I need some help. A lady, who works with a dog rescue, has been finding raisins in the food. She mixes 4 to 5 different foods together for her fosters. She didnt save any of the bags. She knows one of them is Pedigree. It is a volunteer/ foster based rescue with almost all the food coming in as donations. So can guarantee it is all 1 to 2 star food. Maybe a 3 if lucky.

    Any ideas what brand it might be? Google search wasnt helpful.

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    Hi Susan-

    That is awful! Raisins are toxic to dogs. Does the rescue accept open bag donations? I can’t help to think that some evil person might be adding some extras to their donation. No dog food should contain any raisins. I haven’t heard of that happening before. Maybe someone else will pop in with some ideas. Good luck!

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    Are you sure they are not dried cranberries? They look similar and are added to some dog foods.

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    Good thinking, anonymously, I hope that’s all it is.

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