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    Nina Z

    My dog recently had another bout of vomiting/diarrhea (both at the same time this time) so I decided to take the plunge and have her tested for allergies. Her results came back and her food choices are super limited, as she tested borderline to potatoes, beets, and peas (among the more common beef, wheat, etc). Thankfully, the only protein she was definitely allergic to was pork.

    My question is, should I follow the food recommendations given to me or can I fudge a little with the peas/potatoes/beets? The options given to me were AvoDerm, Pinnacle, and California Naturals, along with prescription diets. I would probably go with the Pinnacle if I had to, but I really don’t want to go with any of them. The other choice I have is Honest Kitchen Thrive, but I was really hoping to get a kibble for cost/convenience.

    Any suggestions? Any other foods that don’t include peas/potatoes/beets that other people are feeding? I could also live with a mix of the HK and Pinnacle, using the kibble as treats or something I suppose.

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    maybe look into the natural balance limited ingredient diets.

    Many of them still have peas and potatoes, but if you look for ones that advertise sweet potato, they come in smaller amounts (the peas and potatoes)

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    Just remember to vigilant concerning Natural Balance now, they were bought out by Del Monte. I don’t trust that their sources are the same as they were and we all know Del Monte does source from China, so…..

    While I’m not an Avoderm fan I do like Pinnacle (they are made by the same company). Pinnacle has never had a recall. There are other foods out there without the ingredients you listed. Precise has some, Annamaet, Victor, etc.

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    Just bumping to agree with M2C. I thought about including it, then didn’t for some reason, I personally wouldn’t use them, in all honesty, but I know some that are ok with it

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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