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    Emma L

    Hi everyone!

    New to the forum here. After scouring the site for hours, I still am at a loss at where to start with picking a new dog food.

    I have one VERY picky dog. Changes his tastes at the tip of a hat. He’s healthy, nothing wrong according to the vet (I did start there as he used to gobble his food and I had to use a slow feeder bowl)

    When I first got him from the shelter, he was on raw nuggets because he was severely underweight and needed a lot of protein. Once he got to a healthy weight, I switched him over to Fromm. My two dogs were on that for a very long time (GF formula) and the only reason I stopped buying it was because it was incredibly hard to get in my area. I switched over to Acana for a few years, and then not only did he completely detest the stuff after a while, they had the lawsuit. I’m a worrier, and I didn’t want my dogs anywhere near the stuff if there’s was even a small chance of an issue.

    We went to Stella and Chewys Raw Coated Kibble, which I thought he’d love because those were the raw nuggets he had, but no. Ate it once, wouldn’t eat it again. I decided to go back to Fromm since we never had an issues, and a store opened near me where I could get it. Ate it for a few days, and now both of my dogs turn their nose up at it, which is strange because my other dog could will eat legitimately anything. Which leads me here. Absolutely confused and in information overload with the amount of best dog food lists, articles, and google searches.

    For reference, my dog is a chihuahua/corgi/mix of some sort. He’s around 13 pounds, and has no allergies. He’s been on grain free, but I’m not opposed to not grain free at this point because I just want him to eat without having to mix yucky wet food in there. Anyone have any top/tried and true brands they can suggest?

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    joanne l

    HI Emma, I know how frustrating this can be. I heard Purina pro plan is great for picky eaters. It is not that bad of a food. I did hear some people saying their dogs were refusing Fromm, I know they changed their ingredients. This seems like a hard one. You can boil chicken and shred it up since he is a small dog you don’t need a lot. after you boil it you will have some broth and you can put it on their dry food. If you can avoid grain free right now I would. I don’t know of any other brand that will get him to eat. Picky eaters are hard to feed but you can try what I mentioned and see what happens. A friend of mine had the same problem she has a GSD and he would not eat dry dog food until she tried Purina Pro Plan. He loves it. Well I hope I helped a little.

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    Patricia A

    Emma I went through the same thing with my one Chihuahua picky eater. Was going crazy switching up food all the time which she would eat for a day enthusiastically and walk away from the bowl the next. As long as she is healthy and no reason to be turning down her food then stick with one and stay with it.
    I use Stella’s kibble also as a base. I SLOWLY incorporated the different flavors/proteins of the freeze dried as a topper. I always hydrate and then put the kibble on the side. I also use Primal in turkey/sardine and duck.
    After taking back or dumping all the food she would eat for a day or two and then turn her nose up I said that’s it! I gave her the above starting with the Chicken Stella’s freeze dried and kibble and took the bowl away when she walked away. Offered again a little later and then had to throw out. Well after she realized eat it and I’m not offering anything else she eventually did . Now she loves the rotation of the Stella’s and Primal and looks forward to meal time and licks the bowl.
    They also get home cooked when appropriate . But even after eating the home cooked she still will eat the freeze dried and kibble the next day .
    I believe when she was picky I was not helping by changing the food all the time and then maybe stomach upset from the change and hence not eating it the next day. So stick with one and then SLOWLY incorporate the different flavors/protiens if you’re giving the Stella’s.

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