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    Does storing dog food in a cold environment negatively affect the food?

    We have been keeping our kibble in our garage, top flopped over, and sealed with a packaging clip at the top. Recently we were feeding our English Setter puppy Nutrisource Large Breed, then transitioning to Dr. Tim’s. She’s been a voracious eater, but after a few weeks she just starting poking at it. I thought maybe the food had gone bad because a time or two the clip was not put back on the bag. So I dumped the dog food, went to the pet store and bought small bags of Nutrisource (to have a familiar to transition from) and Earthborn Meadow Feast. For 5 days she was back to chow hound ways, but today she is back to picking at her food.

    As training treats we give her chicken, and I do stuff her kong with peanut butter, pumpkin. Could it be that she is just spoiled by the non-kibble?

    Appreciate any insight you might have.

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    Cold can do a very little bit of damage to dog food. Light, oxygen, humidity, and high temps are much more likely to cause problems. Maybe some condensation got on the food or it has gone stale. I hate to suggest this but try microwaving a bit of it for just a few seconds and see if that perks up your dogs interest, or try adding warm water right before feeding.

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