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    Jan K

    I’ve been reading that some dog foods have phytoestrogens in them and that those can cause problems with females cycling and producing health litters. I’m feeding my dogs Victor Hi-Pro Plus, which is 30% protein, and 83% comes from meat/meat products. I occasionally have cycling and breeding issues. Trying to figure out if it’s the food…..

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    Hi Jan-

    If I were you, I’d be looking for peer reviewed articles to back up that claim before assuming food is related.

    In general what type of issues are you experiencing and what breed are you in? Do you have a mentor? Have you talked to the vet about your concerns?

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    Jan K

    Thank you for your input. You are right in that I really don’t know if the food claim is truly related. I have two Samoyed girls, both have had litters, and a male who is proven. I have missed the last two heats with one, and the other seems irregular to cycle and it’s been about a year and half since her last litter. My vet is excellent at everything else but just shrugs and says, ” Go to a reproductive vet.” Last time I did that, (with a different dog, different breed) I spent almost $1000 and didn’t really get any answers. 🙁 There’s a long story with that dog, but save that for another time….I don’t think it was related to the issues I observe now.
    I feed Victor, Hi-Pro Plus, give Daily Care vitamins, and add B-Strong to their feed, when I remember.
    I welcome input!

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    The extra vitamins that you are supplementing are really unnecessary when feeding a high quality balanced food. I would personally d/c them at this time. I’m not saying they are related to the repro issues you are having, but they are just not doing anything but wasting your money.

    When you went to a repro vet where did you go? A vet school? Or a private practice? The theirogenology department at the vet school in my state is really excellent. Maybe try a different one. Are both bitches litter mates? Could it be genetic?

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    Jan K

    The two dogs in question are not related. One is 2 and the other just turned 3. Healthy and active.
    The practice I went to with this otherdog was a private practice, specializing in repro. It was a while ago, years. They assumed my problem was timing, so they did progesterone levels and AI’d her. Nothing. Turned out, the dog had a chronic liver problem that we didn’t discover until she was in failure. This dog was a different breed, so I’m not thinking these current girls have that problem.

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    I’ve been breeding dogs since 2005, and YES, I learned through trial and error that food does indeed affect heat cycles, fertility, litter size and thriftiness of the pups. I have fed brands that, without a single doubt in my mind, caused dangerously early delivery, lack of milk production, even what closely resembled a temporary fading puppy syndrome. I had pups only a day or two old that developed weeping, metallic smelling sores which disappeared entirely almost immediately after a food switch. I have older adult bitches raised on foods that caused heat cycle irregularities and low fertility rates in my kennel who to this day are infertile or have only come into heat a handful of times. I have pups with hitching issues that were weaned onto puppy foods that were too high protein, but had levels of calcium lower than adult food levels in a sorry bid to prevent growth issues (this was Eukanuba, btw).

    On that note, if I want a bitch to come into heat, I feed Purina ONE adult 26/16. I use that until 2-3 weeks before the due date, then switch to either ONE puppy or Puppy Chow. Quite honestly, at this point, I don’t trust anything but Purina when it comes to the husbandry of a breeding kennel. Just personally had too many problems with the fancier foods, all of which were fixed by Purina in one form or another…

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    Jan K

    So, I am curious what it is the the Purina food that works for your dogs reproductively. I was under the impression that grain the kibble could be a source of estrogen that is counter-productive. (Excuse the play on wirds). I would change kibble in a heart beat if that solved the problem.

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    “So, I am curious what it is the the Purina food that works for your dogs reproductively. I was under the impression that grain the kibble could be a source of estrogen that is counter-productive. (Excuse the play on wirds). I would change kibble in a heart beat if that solved the problem. ”

    Grain has absolutely nothing to do with the production of estrogen. Soy will produce estrogen like compounds in the body, but quite honestly, if you want a bitch to come into heat, her estrogen levels had better be high. And I personally don’t mind soy, especially for older or spayed bitches, because it keeps their hormones at a more balanced level, since the old gals produce less naturally as they age.

    As for ingredients, I honestly could not pinpoint any one in any of the Purina products I’ve tried over the years that “does the trick”, as it were. I’ve used their dry foods from Pro Plan to Alpo, with protein levels ranging from 18-30%, and, like clockwork, bitches who are late to their cycle will come in heat anywhere from within a week to several weeks later, regardless of the brand. Although higher protein, fat and kcals in combination tend to speed this process along.

    I do, however, have a theory that there are dog foods which, in my personal experience, seem to cause hormonal issues such as depression of thyroid function, and low carb diets, be they dry, canned or raw, are often a major culprit in irregular cycles. In fact, when I want to speed a bitch out of heat, raw for a day or two will do the trick nicely. Any Purina (dry) product I’ve tried seems to have the opposite effect – in that of balancing the hormone levels, or causing a surge where they previously had been low.

    Also, diets that are higher in simple or complex carbohydrates are pure nourishment for the thyroid gland, which has its own functions but is also like a master control for the production of other hormones. And the thyroid is a glutton for sweets. I don’t consider it a breeding food, but when I’ve used Kibbles N Bits, I get the exact same results – instant heat cycles and bitches that stay in full blown heat for a good 10 days.

    Anyway, I only recommended Purina ONE because when I was actively breeding, I got the best results with it for brood bitches in particular. I even had a dog with cervical cancer who hadn’t come into heat in almost 2 years, come in after a few days of eating ONE. So, for good or ill, it works like a charm in bringing bitches in season, and the 26/16 ratio seems to be ideal for both pre and post breeding maintenance.

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    Carol F

    I’m having same issue since I switched from Diamond Naturals to Victor Professional!! Split heat and no ovulation!! These are proven bitches. Something is not right with Some dog foods. I’m going back to Pro Plan or Diamond Naturals. It’s been 1.5 years since I’ve had puppies and I have 5 females!!!!

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    Carol F

    Jan K,
    I have now switched to Pro Plan sensitive stomach Salmon. I found that the Victor Food Bags are made from Mylar, which cause fertility issues!!! You can Google. Also phytoestrogens, peas, lentils etc cause these symptoms and infertility along with cancer!! The Pro plan bags are made from plastic #5 which doesn’t cause this issue. Obviously these are very common and well known issues and known for decades, in people, dogs, cattle etc. good luck.

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    Beverly S

    I was feeding Victor professionals , with Blood meal in it . I breed 2 different breeds and have been breeding these breeds 18 years and 10 years the other breed. I have had 5 dogs from different litters and different breeds with same congenital defect with kidneys not formed correctly and small . I have had breeding’s from same sire and Dam and no problem with previous breeding when Dam’s were fed another dog food . I am convinced that the dog food has caused this problem . The sires and dams did not have a problem or any of there litter mates . Not all pups were effected , but 2 in one litter out of 10 pups and another litter 1 pup from a litter of 8 . and another litter different breed there were 2 pups had same issue from a litter of 7 pups . The problem showed up at around 12 months of age on all dogs and they all had to be put to sleep. Is there other breeders had similar problems ? I was also feeding pups Victor professional . I will never feed it again to any of my dogs !!

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    Tammie W

    That is a good idea to look up phytoestrogens you should too and educate yourself

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    mary J

    It is a widespread problem for dog lovers. A few years ago, I realized that many soy food producers add elements that disrupt the cycle in female dogs by adding additives that cause even greater appetite in dogs. Thus, the dog is eating more and more, but it begins to have health problems. I don’t understand how you can do business so coolly, knowing that you kill animals. I advise you to read about dogs on https://pawbility.com/blue-nose-pitbull/; there is a lot of helpful information collected there for those who are interested in dogs and their health. If you know something more, please share here to prevent something bad

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    So I have been a HUGE Victor Dog Food advocate for 10+ years. Always had great success until about the last 3 to 4 years. I started noticing smaller than normal litters.

    That is when I started looking at everything but was not too worried figured its just mother nature. Next I noticed (on some not all) irregular heat cycles, 7 to 13 months between (cycles). Some would get pregnant and carry to term but I had started seeing an upraise in stillbirths and birth defects. Finally (especially the last 2 years) The 1 out of 3 were getting pregnant.

    I don’t know how much time & money we spent at the reproduction vet only to be told, I don’t see why they are not pregnant, try again next time.

    We spent a fortune importing our Rottweilers and it was getting to be very disheartening to see all our work and planning going down the tubes. Rightfully so our Clients were getting upset how long it was taking to get their puppy.

    We re-evaluated our entire breeding program, retired some young dogs and imported some more. All the imported dogs were pregnant or got pregnant on their first heat cycle with us. In that time we try to slowly mix in Victor (since it is beef based) with their chicken based. By the time they have produced their first litter while they are nursing we were making the final switch to Victor.

    Next time they came into heat no pregnancy was achieved.

    After seeing a post on my facebook feed from another breeder how her proven bitch didn’t get pregnant and I knew she fed Victor I reached out.

    We both decided to switch to two different kinds of food and protein. I went with a Mix of Wellness and Diamond Naturals, She went with ProPlan Active Dog and we both decided on the Chicken as the main protein.

    I hit all my Rottweilers with Doc Roys Vitamin B-Strong for a week. Sure enough my females started coming into season and they were all getting pregnant.

    Since I had 8 bags of Victor left over I figured I would just do a 3:1 ratio (3 parts Chicken based, 1 part Victor). I had three females that I did not plan on breeding. If they did produce a litter I would not have minded at all but was not counting on it.

    First female did not get pregnant, shortly after breeding her she started picking the Victor our of her bowl and leaving it on the ground.

    Second female did not get pregnant and would still eat Victor if you gave it to her. Of course you could give her anything and she will eat it.

    Third female, got pregnant, carried the litter to day 62 and it looked like they dropped into place for birth. Two days later on day 64 she gave birth to 8 stillbirths and 1 live that passed away within 24 hours.

    Next three female I feed then 100% chicken mix no victor at all!

    All three gave birth to healthy litters, only had one loss amongst the three litters. Litters were 6, 9 and 11 puppies.

    So from my own testing and results I think it is fair to say,

    Oh the other breeder saw the same results with ProPlan, to this date she has not had less than 9 in a litter.

    As I was saying, with my testing and results I think it is fair to say the food was / is the issue with it comes to Victor.

    I did call their customer service and I was told “Victor Dog Food is for the average pet owner that wants to give their dog a high quality food without breaking the bank.”

    I asked what about the breeders that produce these pups and promote you, they replied “Unfortunately some of our blend may not be acceptable to all breeders.”

    So after 13 years, I have used my last bag of Victor Dog food as I personally believe there is something in there that causes reproductive issues with my breeding stock.

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    Wow King Rottweillers,

    Thanks for posting this. I found it very interesting

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    Jason S

    Wonder what could have changed with the dog food if it was working before

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    Harper M

    Hi. I don’t know if it’s because you bought food containing that substance for your dog. However, the issue of dog food is very important. You need to find a reputable place to buy it. As I am buying this for my dogs. They love it because it has a lot of flavor, and I also find them healthy. You can refer to it https://www.amazon.de/-/en/Greenies-Flavours-Dental-Dog-Treats/dp/B00T7R7HYY?th=1 mario games
    Wishing your dogs good health.

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    havina H

    Curious about what might have altered with the dog food if it was effective previously.
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    The type and quality of dog food can impact reproductive health. Proper nutrition is crucial for breeding dogs, as deficiencies may lead to fertility issues, complications during pregnancy, and inadequate milk production. Consult a veterinarian for tailored dietary recommendations to support optimal reproductive function in dogs.

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