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    john s

    HI,I a newbie to this site.
    I have 3 dogs all Heinz 57 breeds,2 are less than 8 yrs old,1 is a senior citizen about 13 yrs old.
    I have been feeding the older dog a mix of dog food,2 caps of veggie oil,1 cooked egg,1 cup of oatmeal twice a day and right now he seems to be ok with that mix any thoughts on that
    food mix would be appreciated.
    The other just get GRAVY TRAIN with water,thanks for the site

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    Go to the review side & look for the Gravy Train review. it’s not a good food.
    There is no need for veggie oil (salmon oil is better) and oatmeal in your dogs food. If you want to add something, add a little high quality canned, a dehydrated, raw egg…

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    InkedMarie is right. Gravy Train isn’t a very good food. Try to find a 3-4 star rated food to begin with since your dogs are eating such a low quality food. There are a lot of foods that cost about the same and are much more nutritious with better ingredients. You will have to do a slow transition, but it will be better for your dogs in the long run.

    Salmon oil is much better than vegetable oil. I would add some fresh cooked meat or adding some canned, as IM suggested. If you are feeding only oatmeal and egg daily, that’s not nutritionally complete, even for a senior dog.

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    Razib P

    I agree with you.

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