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    I just got back from petco to buy my yorkie canned food. He’s been on merrick 13.2 oz cans for 2.99 which is not so bad since he can eat it for 2 days. I was going to buy him some nature’s variety instinct. a 13.2 oz can was 4.79. I mean really what a rip off!!!! He was on bb kibble and for 3 months it cost me about 40$. I know u people don’t like blue buffalo but they are not ripping us off as bad as some other companies and they are 5 star foods. I can buy 4 health for .99$ a ccan and not have to go out of town but what’s really bad is my yorkie didn’t like the food any better. Any comments?

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    Buying online might be cheaper! I bought Weruva online before (Amazon) and it turned out to be less than $3 per can and it was $5 at the boutique! Maybe other brands will be cheaper online too. Although I would (personally) buy canned food online when it’s not so hot! I’ve heard some cans get banged up and can leak the farther the package has to go in hot weather. Of course, any canned food can get banged up period. Alot of my Merrick cans are dented!

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    Hi weezerweeks, I was at Petco & Petsmart Sat. An hour drive for me. While walking to register in Petco I saw the discounted bin and they had the NV 13.2 oz can reg. 3.99 for $1.40! I grabbed the last 4 cans. I would never spend the reg. price for that. So keep checking your store…maybe they will have that on sale soon. And Petsmart had Castor & Pollux canned reg. 2.79 for 2.00. I bought 15 cans.

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    Hound Dog Mom

    If you can get Whole Earth Farms canned food it’s made by Merrick, rated 5 stars and a lot cheaper than their original line – I generally see it priced around $1.60 per can. Walmart also has a new line of food called Pure Balance that’s rated 5 stars – the grain-inclusive varieties are $1 per can and the grain-free 95% meat is $1.25 per can.

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