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    bob b

    Hi im new here and just had a quick question. I’m thinking about getting a Boston terrier and honestly haven’t done much research on dog care yet (so I don’t know too much about dog diet and all) but there’s a few things from what iv read that I feel I want to incorporate into my dogs diet. First I want some of the food to be raw. Also im thinking of rotating my dogs diet daily with different dogs food in order to add variety. Lastly my main goal is to feed food with no synthetic ingredients at all(which is hard because from what iv seen even the best foods are loaded with synthetic vitamins and minerals). Furthermore the only foods Iv been able to find that fit into the above criteria are:carna4,Nrg raw one, answers straight+ maybe urban wolf, and smack raw(I know natures logic and natural variety are also okay also but im going to avoid these because of some controversy about montmorillonite clay. So my plan is to rotate between some of the above foods daily in order to insure it gets better nutrition. So does this sound okay for my diet plan?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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