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    Silvia H

    My dog has CRF and got worse in the past few weeks, I’ve been searching over the internet for guidelines for a better management and asked a vet to prescribe a homemade diet for her. I would like to ask if you could give me your opinions and give me some advice please! She’s 12 years old.

    1) Last blood test results (22/02):
    – Creatinine 3.92 mg/dl (0,62-1,64)
    – Urea 156,8 mg/dl (12-56)
    – Phosphor 7,9 mg/dl (2,1-6,3)
    She did intravenous fluidotherapy last week for 3 days and been doing subcutaneous fluidotherapy for the past 5 days. She’s going to continue with it for more 7 days and will repeat the blood tests.

    2) Medication:
    – Hydroxide aluminum;
    – Amlodipin.

    3) New diet prescribed by a vet yesterday (26/2):
    – Meat – turkey;
    – Vegetables – carrot, broccoli, courgette, sweet potato, pumpkin;
    – Fruit – apple, pear;
    – Herbs- parsley;
    – Rice;
    – A tea spoon of apple cider vinegar.

    Daily intake (she has 16kg/35,2 lbs): 200g/0,44lbs/7.055oz of meat + 200g/0,44lbs/7.055oz of rice + 200g/0,44lbs/7.055oz of vegetables and fruit

    Isn’t it too much the meat daily intake for a dog with 35,2lbs and with CRF?

    4) Supplements:
    – Salmon oil: 5ml/day

    I’ve read about the possible benefits of probiotics on dogs with CRF, but couldn’t find any specific that I could buy, only Azodyl, but I’m from Portugal, Europe, it only sells on USA!

    Does anyone know any specific Probiotic, or something that would help lower creatinine and BUN? And that I could buy in Europe?
    And what about vitamins?

    Thank you very much in advance! Kiara is part of the family and we are very worried about her =(

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    Bev A

    Hi Silvia, My teacup poodle has the beginnings of Kidney Failure and yes there are supplements. I give her Acacia Fiber And Primal Defense Probiotic Formula. I also give her Canine Renal Support. She is only 4 pounds so she gets 1/8 tsp only and I give it once a day. Her BUN is dropping so it is working. You can buy all three of these from Amazon. Good luck with your baby. Mine is 14 years old so I know the meaning of family! Bev

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    Bev A

    P.S. The Acacia Fiber and Probiotic are human grade I couldn’t find any for dogs however they work. The Probiotic comes in a capsule and I break them open and store them in a container so she can get the right dose. Bev

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