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    Hrönn B

    Hello. Recently my Jack Russell (one year old) was diagnoste with allergy for 22 things. For food it is Beef, Rabbit, Brewers Yeast, Sorghum, Chicken, Wheat, Fish Mix (Catfish, Cod, Herring, Mackerel, White Fish), Salmon and Oatmeal. I am having a great trouble finding a brand of dog food that would be okay for him to eat. I bought Hill´s z/d from the vet, but I would like to have more choose. Can anyone help me?
    The allergy test was done by: http://www.vetallergy.com/
    Spot Allergy Spectrum Labs

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    • This topic was modified 6 years, 3 months ago by Hrönn B.
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    What test did you use?

    Because even if I was to believe it was accurate (I don’t) it would be impossible to avoid all those ingredients in any commercial dog food.
    The prescription food goes through a process so the dog does not react to the allergens.

    Do you mean food sensitivities as opposed to allergies?
    Because food allergies are rare and food sensitivities tend to fluctuate.

    If his problems continue I would go to a veterinary dermatologist for testing/diagnosis/treatment. I think you would get much better results.

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    Natures variety lamb has none of those things. I’m sure there are others as well. But he cautions saliva and fur allergy tests aren’t very accurate. Only an elimination diet can accurately find what your dog is allergic too.

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    Hrönn B

    This was done by these: http://www.vetallergy.com/
    Spot allergy Spectrum Labs

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    Okay, so the blood test.

    Intradermal skin testing done by a veterinary dermatologist is the most accurate way to test for environmental allergies.

    I suspect the test you had done detects sensitivities and not true allergies.
    Check with your vet.

    Per the search engine: http://www.nevetdermatology.com/canine-atopic-dermatitis-treatment/

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    As haleycookie mentioned, the only accurate way to determine food allergies/sensitivities is through an elimination diet and Hill’s ZD is the perfect food to start that with. If your vet did not discuss with you, then for 12 weeks only feed the Hill’s ZD with absolutely no other food. If you need to give treats then use the kibble, or buy the ZD treats. After 12 weeks and no issues, then slowly introduce a new food to see is there is a reaction. This is how a proper elimination diet is done so please discuss this with your vet. If you can find foods where there is not a reaction, then you will have other choices, but do the full 12 weeks before considering adding another food.

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    Hrönn B

    My vet did the test by himself, here in Iceland. He also is selling the Hill´s dog food. So he just want me to buy this food and nothing else as long as the dog lives. But I have another dog and this food is expensive so I would like to find another brand for that dog, and that it would be okay if the allergy dog would eat it occasionally. I´ve been pointed out that this dog food might work http://nutram.com/product/t29-nutram-total-grain-free-lamb-and-lentils-recipe-dog-food

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    Hi Hronn,
    like CockerlierMon has posted just feed the Hills Z/d nothing else & see does he start getting better?? Vet diets are high in Omega 3 so skin should start to improve, the only way to find out what foods your dog can eat is to do a food elimination diet, he eats 1 meat protein & 1 carb for 6-8 weeks if he has no reaction diarrhea, sloppy poos, wind, farts, itchy smelly yeasty skin, itchy ears, shaking head/ears, red itchy paws, etc then you introduce another new ingredient for 6 weeks see how he goes, does he react?
    You can do food elimination diet with the Hills Z/d formula wet or dry formula’s or there’s Hills D/D formula you can try if the Hills Z/d doesn’t work for him, it takes time doing food elimination diet but you will know 100% what ingredients he can & can’t eat..
    See how he does on the Hills Z/D, the Z/d didn’t work for my boy, it has Corn Starch & my boy reacts to corn he gets red paws & his skin started to smell yeasty & he became real itchy, Hills is money back guaranteed so if your boy starts having diarrhea, yeasty itchy skin, or gets worse like my boy did then you can take back for refund or try another vet diet like “Royal Canine” Hypoallergenic HP…My dog was put on the Z/d for his IBD & then he started having his yeasty smelly paws & skin…
    What symptoms is your dog having? Intestinal problems, skin problems or both?
    are you bathing weekly in a medicated shampoo to wash off any allergens on skin, paws etc, baths are really good & relieves itchy skin & paws, I also use creams on paws & around mouth anywhere thats red & itchy I apply cream to stop the itch & reduce the reddness, I use Cortisone 1% cream at night before bed & of a morning before our walk I use “Sudocrem” Sudocrem is a anti bacterial, anti fungul thick healing cream for Dermatitis, Eczema, Nappy Rash, protects the skin & paws…
    If you boy can handle Lentils, Chickpeas & Peas (Diarrhea/sloppy poos, wind/farts) then the dry kibble Nutram looks very good, but it has alot of ingredients, he needs a dry kibble that has limited ingredients, 1 meat protein & 1-2 carbs so there’s less ingredients for him to react too….
    Can you feed a raw diet or cooked diet? this would be best, if the Hills Z/d makes him better then after 8 weeks just eating the Hills Z/d then start introducing 1 new ingredient with the Z/d food or for lunch feed this new 1 cooked ingredient for 6 weeks then after 6 weeks if he doesnt react then add another new ingredient then you can cook 1 meal with these ingredients he can eat & didnt react & feed the Hills Z/d for his other meal.
    Baby steps, do it slowley & keep a diary, write down what your doing, he might have both food sensitivities & environment allergies, if he’s having Intestinal problems & itchy smelly skin, paws…

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