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    Hi all. I am curious to know if anyone has ever come across a dog that cannot tolerate ANY digestive enzyme. I have a Lab/Bulldog mix. She is almost 2 years old and she has been quite a challenge since I adopted her. She came to me on Pedigree kibble. I wanted to get her off that ASAP and slowly introduced TOTW. She did okay for 5 months or so and then had a horrible bout of colitis. During this time, (after a vet visit and meds) I fed boiled chicken/rice and things improved until I starting adding the kibble back into the diet. With each increase of kibble, the stools became worse. I experimented with several brands of kibble – slowly introducing which ever one I was trying but after about the 1/2 cup mark, runny stools. I finally gave up and started cooking for her. I rotate chicken, beef, turkey. Vegetables include peas, carrots, green beans. I use a limited amount of carbs – pasta, barley, sweet potatoes and not much of this is given. So far I have tried Dr. Mercola’s products, Enzyme Miracle (and probiotic miracle), Animal Essential enzymes, and Digestive Enzyme/Probiotic by Pet Health and Nutrition Center. While on the any of these there have been stool issues especially the Enzyme Miracle. That led to another vet visit with bloody stools. She has been on the last item I listed for about a month and problems are starting again. If I keep her off the digestive enzymes she is fine. Right now as far as other supplements all she is getting is fish oil and calcium. And the last few weeks all she has done is itch and chew. Since stopping the enzymes she is finally getting better with that too. Why aren’t enzymes helping her? I just don’t get it. She also had nasty diarrhea when taking heartworm meds so I stopped those. She cannot tolerate flea medication – makes her extremely loopy. I love her to pieces – she is the sweetest dog and so smart. I just feel so bad that she is so sensitive to things. But digestive enzymes???????

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    Sometimes the animal that the enzymes came from can cause an allergy issue.

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    l h

    a lot of the enzyme formulas have additives, flavorings something real simple as a binder could have your dog reacting or a protein source if stronger as BCnut said. If she is not chewing or having bowel issues with NO enzymes then why would you wish to give her them?

    If you are home cooking adding the proper calcium, keeping it low gluten/grain then fish oil, and E, and a good probiotic may be all she needs.

    My heart boy who passed had lots of issues was a sensitive pup to TONS… couldn’t do kibble either. If you would like to add something why not a good green supplement, again, you want to start 1/4 dose recommended as your baby is sensitive but would be a good thing for coat, allergy digestion. Again, you want to fine tooth comb check the bottles so many have added allergens, soy, alfalfa for some, wheat, etc. I can link you a couple really pure forms if interested. Again though sounds like the diet is good, and if they are doing well, perhaps don’t need anymore.

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    I’m coming to this late but your lab/bulldog sounds a lot like my pug. I don’t know about the digestive enzymes, but she can’t eat any dry food. I tried many different brands, including Rx for sensitive stomachs, alternative proteins, etc, and nothing worked. She had pneumonia when she was about 4 mos old and was on a lot of antibiotics (she almost died) and we think that messed up her whole system and gave her c-diff and chronic diarrhea. She’s 3 now and she can eat ONE kind of canned food. It took almost 2 years to figure out which food worked. She also takes Tylan powder, just a tad every other day. That saved her life, I think.

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    I created an account just to respond to this, because it took me a long time to learn about this same issue.
    My dog has a bunch of allergies — still sorting through them — and she started having problems with supplements that had digestive enzymes in them. Long story short, a lot of what’s used in kibble and supplements comes from aspergillus, which is a mold species. If your dog has yeast or mold sensitivities, those enzymes can cause problems. I abandoned them, closest thing she gets now is goat’s milk with probiotics in it, which really seems to help with keeping her system settled.
    I hope this is helpful, and please keep in mind I’m not an expert or vet so some of what I say may be wrong.

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    Hi sounds like your girl has IBD, I read on a link now I cant find it, it said you shouldn’t give dogs enzymes especially if they have a healthy gut, there 2 types of enzymes the plant enzymes or Porcine enzymes….I’d stop the kibble, my boy has IBD & has so many problems with kibbles, just finished trying another kibble & he was sooooo ill, bad acid reflux, now has a real sore throat from the acid reflux, vet wants him on just Turkey breast mince mix in 1 raw egg, then I make about 4 loaves & put on a baking tray & bake 20mins…just for 4-6 weeks to give his stomach a rest, I freeze section & also boil sweet potato boil pumkin & freeze, I boil some Quinoa as its gluten free,….he has stop scatching & his red paws have gone & the red under his chin has gone… I’m finding Patch needs a gluten free diet & has real bad food allergies that has caused his IBD & Colitis when he eats something that he’s allergic too, he has his bloody poos cause the food is irritating his bowel..look up gluten free & low residue foods & stick with those foods also don’t rotate too many foods as you wont know what is causing the itchy skin….
    I have found foods that agrees with him & give for breakfast & dinner & something else that agrees with him for lunch & a late dinner, he has 4 small meals thru the day, we found this works best for Patch. also use Malaseb medicated shampoo I found to be the best…. Patch does not take any heartworm meds, he cant take any worm meds only Milbemax all wormer every 6months & I dread the day its due he eats grass the next day & feels sick all day but doesnt have diarrhea on the Milbemax, vet said its very mild, Patch can not use Advantage flea spot on… only Frontline plus, as Frontline only penetrates 2 layers of the skin, where other flea spot ons penetrate thru into their blood, Patch nilly died from Advantage…you name it Patch cannot take it, its all to do with his IBD…..
    So I have learnt LESS IS BEST….

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    Andreina G

    I don’t know if you found your answer but this happened to my dog and all the problem was a food sensitivity or allergy caused by CORN, corn is everywhere including enzymatic supplements – most of them – and in most of the calcium supplements as well. Is an ingredient in a lot of pills – medicines, and has many derivatives – If you want to know about this – and other – food sensitivity the only cientifically proved test for that is Hemopet – Nutriscan Test. It is expensive but well worth it! Good luck!

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    Regarding Hemopet and Nutriscan, mentioned frequently here in threads

    Update- “Hemopet Sues Pet Food Companies to Claim Ownership of the Idea of Nutrigenomics”
    Posted on September 23, 2016 by skeptvet

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    Mary ellen R

    Tylan powder??? Is it for digestion? My dog has pancreatitis and is ravenously hungry and losing weight but eats enough calories according to his vet. I am thinking he has pancreatitis induced Eli.. vet says royal Canon low fat works best and he eats one can a day split into 3 servings. He is crying in 2 to 3 hours for food. Any thoughts. I fostered a dog with Eli and he reminds me of her

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    Mary ellen R


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    Yes, tylan powder! My pug did not have pancreatis. They never diagnosed her but the vet said she showed symptoms of colitis, possibly IBD. It was never as bad as I’ve heard IBD can be–never any bloody diarrhea. Just constant, projectile, liquid diarrhea. Everything went straight through her. The Tylan seemed to do the trick. Here are some links about it:

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