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    Jan D

    I am in a query over two highly rated grain free kibble, both made by same mfg. Merrick grain free has a protein of 36, whereas Whole Earth Farms have protein of 28. Small breed … there is $10.00 + difference in a very small bag !! SO WHAT TO DO !

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    Rotate. Feed a variety of different brands, flavors, and even protein levels. Yes, all other things equal, higher protein is better.

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    Hi Jan

    The higher protein level in one food compared to another as reported in a guaranteed analysis can’t be used to judge which food is better. A “higher” protein diet may actually have less useable protein than a “lower” protein diet. Additionally, after meeting protein needs the protein is used for energy. Using protein to supply energy is fine but it is an expensive source of energy.

    To make a better comparison is to use the calorie weight basis method. In other words what percentage of the calories being fed come from protein. Then you should call the company and ask what is the protein digestibility for each diet. Some products may contain high levels of indigestible protein from connective tissue and hair.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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