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    Or does anyone know much about this S.I.B.O.

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    I’m boosting this post because I know someone here has posted on this before. Maybe they will see this if it shows up top.

    The only thing I know about it is my vet suggests low carb food, antioxidants, and good probiotics. I’ve read to also give freshly grated garlic and oregano capsules with meals.

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    Best thing I have found is Tylan powder. Ask your vet for two weeks worth and try it

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    Thanks Melissa, I thought it was you, but I couldn’t remember for sure.

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    Do u mean Tylosin {Tylan} thats tablets isnt it, I asked the vet about Tylan she said that they probably cant get it in as its used more for pigs, so he was put on Metronidazone another stomach & bowel antibiotic..the Metronidazole seems to fix things up but in about 3 months time it all happens again vomiting, bad wind, soft poos about 3 a day, he is also getting stomach acid with it too, I thought Stomach bacteria that gives you bad acid.. Ive google S.I.B.O it doesnt tell me much, what foods to feed him or how to stop him getting the bacteria overgrowth, thats why Im wondering has anyone else been thru this S.I.B.O & what has help stop the bacteria Overgrowth he’s on a very good probiotic for dogs {Protexin} it cost me $65 for 2 months worth, I changed from the Protexin & got a cheaper one on the net in December then about 2 weeks later he started to be unwell again, Patty said a low card diet, he’s on the Eukanuba Intestinal only cause the fiber is low only 1.75% he cant have too much fiber either, the intestinal is corn based, I looked up is corn a carb & it said yes, I dont know what other kibble to feed him as I cant find another low fiber one here in Australia…I tried the Holistic Select Duck as it was a single protein & a hydrolized kibble but the flaxseed gave him bad wind & he was getting up early to poo & I has only given him quarter to his cup of Intestinal, so imagine a full cup of the Holistic Select..hes getting better cause he’s been on the Metronidazole for over 1 week now, everythings back to normal the vet wants to keep him on the Metronidzole but a lower dose, I said no, we’ll wait & see if he gets sick again & i’ll have a blood test to check if his folate is high, I think thats what they look for with S.I.B.O..

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    I am not sure what you have access to in Australia, but yes, Tylan-tylosin tartrate used for farm animals. My vet first prescribed it for the dogs and then I just ordered a larger size bottle from a supply company. In farm animals, its OTC. I use the powder.

    We did the metronidazole route with our two dogs first, and it worked, but metron should not be a long term medication-Tylan powder CAN be used longer term. We used it with every meal for 30 days, then I weaned them off of it. It worked liked a charm, but did take a lot of trial and error in getting the correct diets. First, I can tell you that YES YES YES YES to the lower fiber.

    Secondly, they do NOT do well with diet changes. We feed the two with issues Victor Ultra pro, Abady granular, and raw. While we on occasion have a flare up, its been quite a while for any major issues. When one does flare up, its typically because they got something they should not have-either bunny poo or a treat, or kibble that the others eat. When this happens, we will use the tylan for a 3-4 day period and then all is well. For the record, one has not needed Tylan in several years, and the other(Maya) has a flare up perhaps two-three times a year now versus every few months.

    I also found that white rice(as in doing aa boiled rice/chicken diet) to stop the runs is a big NO NO.

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    Thank-You for all the info, ur a god send, Ive been going mad over my boy becoming ill getting better, then getting sick again, I have taken the Metronidzole & I know it made me feel ill, so I really want to try something else, I’ll look on line for the Tylan Powder…… With the Tylan Powder how much do u put with a meal, my Patch is on Kibble can it be mixed with water instead of his feed, he weights 17kilos at the moment but when he gets better he weights 18-19kilos..I think thats about 39pounds..Also what do u do when u need to worm ur dogs, we worm our dogs in Australia every 3 months but the worm tablets make Patch ill with diarrhea all nite, so the vet said dont worm this month as he’s due, she’ll do a float test on his poo instead… I dont know what a float test is & is it 100%

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    My vet rxd it for my 40 pound ish dog as 1/8teaspoon every 12 hours. A fecal flotation is a test to find the eggs in the stool. Not always 100 percent accurate. I just recently did every one with panacur and she did a not get a bit of an issue from it. Interceptor never bothered her but the ivermectin based heartworm preventatives do. We would deal with it for the day. I did find that it is not as much of an issue once the food issue was dealt with

    Now we just mske sure to give her natures variety raw on the day of treatment and for the day more major issues. When at her worst she would lose weight despite being fed high volumes of food which made it worse. Her weight now is petfect with out fluctuating.

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    Hi Sue this is Kelly. Just read your post and we are having similar trouble with our dogs. We finally had testing done for food allergy as along with bloody diarrhea they get yeast and bacteria in their stomachs constantly and we could find no reason as to why. The vet had initially put them on hills ID for sensitive stomach however since troubles continued and they actually would turn a little pink a short while after eating we did the allergy test. It’s just a blood test that they do and then see if their blood shows positive reaction to certain foods. Came back that they are actually allergic to corn, soy and potato. Apparently if your pet is allergic to something in their food or environment it can cause an allergic reaction that makes an overgrowth of yeast and bacteria in their stomach. Not sure if this will fix your babies troubles but if nothing is working maybe an allergy test might help to determine if their food is causing the problem. Best of luck to you I know how hard it can be seeing your baby struggle

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    Thank-you for the info Kelly, with these blood test did ur dog stay on the Hills ID & when they did the blood test or do they feed the dog different foods?? I saw my vet yesterday as Patch has real bad acid reflux & is up all night again & vomited blood the other morning, when he was on the Metronidazole this went away so I said to my vet that his acid is back thru the nite & in the mornings, he must have stomach bacteria, that has caused a ulcer, she dosnt think he has stomach bacteria. I think I need a new vet, I asked for all the meds that treat the stomach bacteria after I argue a little with her, I got them but Ive just been giving Patch the Zantac yesterday & today, I want to see if his acid gets better or if not i’ll start him on the Metronidazole & Amoxcillian & the Zantac for stoamch bacteria.. How did you treat ur dogs bacteria & Also what are they eating now.

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    Karen B

    I do rescue and have had 3 large breed puppies with SIBO. All 3 have intermittent diarrhea and periodic vomiting. All 3 cleared with no reoccuramce after 6 weeks of Tylan powder aka Tylosin twice a day for 6 weeks and a raw diet. Dosage for the Tylan is:
    <10 lbs: 1/16 Tsp BID on food
    11-25 lbs: 1/12 Tsp BID on food
    26-50 lbs: 1/8 Tsp BID on food
    50+ lbs: 1/4 Tsp BID on food

    As for the raw diet, Steve’s works well and they will deliver for free (

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    Linda H

    So far no problems but I do give her a probiotic every day and ACV in her water/broth and grain free Kibbles.

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