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    Just curious if anyone’s dogs had meat preferences. My jack russell mix seems to favor red meats (beef in particular) for dry foods, but doesn’t care what it is as far as wet and raw goes (although he really loves turkey necks). My other two just don’t care. If its food (or maybe even if it isn’t…) they’re going to eat it.

    With Bentley, the jack russell mix, it took about three weeks to get him eating chicken based food when his Innova Prime was pulled off the shelves, first from clearance of the small bags (not popular in my area), then the whole recall thing– which is making me never want to go back to them again. He hates fish based foods, and they make him and his breath smell gross anyways. I guess it’s just too much fish for such a small body. I’ve never noticed it with the other dogs.

    But yeah, just curious 🙂

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    My Bruno is probably more like your Haley and Dweezle. He is like a vacuum cleaner and would eat anything. He likes fishy food actually (has had canned as well as fish skins as chews), as well as red meat treats/chews (bully sticks), and his chicken-based kibble. This actually makes me happy so far that he has liked anything and has not been picky toward food/meat type.

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    My parent’s dog started acting scared, retreated upstairs and shot dirty looks at my sister the one time she cooked lamb in the house. We had never seen a reaction like that from her about any dinner and remain baffled. She definitely preferred that we did not cook or consume that meat although I know lamb meal was part of her kibble diet.

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    LMAO!! I can picture that! Too funny! Maybe she thought you should just give it to her raw.

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