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    Does anyone have any thoughts on distilled water for dogs? Would there be any long term negative effects giving only distilled water to dogs that are fed solely commercial raw diets? I know that water contains needed minerals but if you have a water filtration system removing minerals, chlorine, etc. would the dogs be receiving all the minerals that they need from their raw diets?

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    Hound Dog Mom

    Filtered water isn’t the same as distilled water. Distilled water is created by vaporizing water then condensing it back into liquid. You don’t want to drink distilled water long term.

    Here’s an article about it:


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    Thanks HDM. I knew you’d have any answer for me. I’m going to read the article right now.

    Wow! I’m so glad I didn’t switch them to distilled water.

    HDM. I have another question on this same topic after reading the article. If distilled water removes toxins from the body, would it be advantageous to periodically give distilled water for a short time (say maybe a week, no more) as a way of removing toxins or am I missing something?

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    Hound Dog Mom

    I don’t think that giving distilled water periodically would do any harm but I don’t think it’s necessary to detox. Milk thistle, chlorella, SAMe, etc. are all great detoxifying agents.

    To clarify, giving filtered water is definitely a good idea just not distilled.

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    Again, thank you HDM. We’re all drinking filtered water and we all, “fur babies” and humans, take milk thistle. I shall stay away from distilled water except for the clothing steamer and iron. Thanks, Dori.

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    Why is distilled water sometimes recommended for dogs who have urinary crystal issues? Due to the reduced minerals? Is this one of those situations where one must chose between the better of two evils, per se? LOL!

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    How about bottled water which is called purified or some bottle water is called spring water. What is the difference in these waters and distilled? I drink bottled water and I also have filtered in a pitcher in the refrigerator. Which should I give him?

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    Depends on the bottled water, but most of it is somewhat gimmicky. I believe purified is just filtered iirc, and is using the word purified to get your attention.

    Most of it is the same, and rarely distiller, so you should be ok

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    Cotons mom

    what is a good source to find out about milk thistle, SAMe and other supplements?

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    I used to be a distilled water drinker but when the news came out about it pulling minerals my family switched to reverse osmosis. RO has minerals removed but doesn’t leach from the body like distilled is supposed to do.

    An easy way to get some of those minerals back into the water is to

    1. buy liquid minerals and add a couple drops

    2. add a small amount of high quality sea salt like himalayan

    3. add some coconut water if the kids like the taste

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