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    Beth G

    I have 2 dogs, a 6 year old pit/boxer mix and a 2 year old hound mix. Both are spayed female rescues with unknown histories. They have also both had pancreatitis (lucky me!). Neither EVER get table scraps/human food of any kind or even dog treats. We have switched them to eating Wellness Core low fat grain free and measure the amount they get meticulously.

    Our pit mix has just come out of treatment for her 2nd bout of pancreatitis. When she is back to eating normally, my husband and I are interested in possibly introducing digestive enzymes to both of their meals.

    The vet has not mentioned the use of digestive enzymes, but with both dogs having had repeat episodes I am left wondering what else we can do to support their pancreas and prevent further attacks (the vet says “nothing you can do”, but I don’t know if I believe that).

    If anyone has experience or knowledge of using digestive enzymes after pancreatitis I would appreciate hearing! Thank you so much in advance!

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    I give digestive enzymes to all the kibble fed dogs here. You can even find high-lipase digestive enzymes from Lipo Gold and Integrative Therapeutics. I haven’t had one with pancreatitis yet and have had 252 fosters come through here and I serve mod-high fat kibbles and canned food. I currently don’t use a high-lipase product either, just regular dog enzymes. I like Mercola, B-Naturals and NWC Total Zymes.

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    I don’t have any answer to the pancreatitis part, I just wanted to address the table scraps part. Giving table scraps and human food is not a bad thing any more. Actually, it can be beneficial. Try adding things like tinned sardines in water, or raw eggs or lean cuts of meat or healthy dinner leftovers to their food a few times a week. It really is good for them. Just keep them under 20% of their amount of food you give them or give them a bit less kibble on days you add toppers.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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