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    My 11 year old lab mix suffers from kidney disease. My vet has recommended that I feed him Hills Science Diet KD but I noticed the ratings were not very good. Would Wellness Super 5 Mix Just for Seniors be a better alternative?

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    There are very few commercial foods that are appropriate for dogs with kidney disease. DogAware has a lot of information on kidney disease. Here is their list of commercial foods for dogs with kidney disease:

    If I were choosing a food for my dog from this list, I would choose one of the Wellness Complete Health formulas or one of the Wysong formulas (but not the Wysong Nephreon).

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    Hi assirak2313,

    Kibble is the worst thing you can feed a dog with kidney disease. Please do consider canned or home prepared.. And do some research before deciding on a diet (or ask around).. The protein and phosphorus amount in the food needs to be adjusted to the stage of the disease. In the early stages it is usually not necessary, and sometimes problematic, to reduce protein. And the quality of the protein, how well the body uses it, is vital to ongoing health.

    The site that RescueDaneMom linked to is an EXCELLENT source of info on diet, supplements etc. When I found out my one year old pup had congenital (from birth) kidney disease, dog aware was one of the most informative sites I found. My kd pup is now seven and a half years old and still going strong. Her vets gave her one year after diagnosis to live..

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