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    Nan S

    My 6 yr old Pembroke was recently diagnosed with classic lymphanjiectasia. He is doing well with his lowfat diet of I/D lowfat. are there any other commercial dogs foods that are available and wondering if a homemade diet would meet his nutrional needs. Thanks!

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    Hi Nan, click on the reviews up the top & in the “search this website top left corner” put in “Low fat diets” & try & find a kibble that is as close or the same fat% & protein% as his I/D, Im trying the Wellness Simple Duck & Oatmeal kibble the fat% is min-11% max-11.98%fat, My boy was put on the Vet Diet Eukanuba Intestinal at 10%- fat…The ingredients are much better with the Wellness Simple then his vet diet.. I also do Tuna in spring water drained mixed with boiled pumkin for breakfast but I do his kibble for lunch & dinner, that way he’s getting his balanced diet with the kibble still…Good-Luck…he’s a link to the Wellness Simple range..

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    Hi Nan,

    Your pup definitely could do well on a homemade diet that’s low in fat and high in high quality protein. It’s critical though to make sure a homemade diet is properly balanced.

    Here is a great website with lots of information that could get you started:

    Here are some suggested low fat foods: /best-dog-foods/suggested-low-fat-dog-food/

    If they’re low enough in fat for your boy, some I think are excellent are Orijen Senior, Go! Fit and Free Senior, Wellness Core Reduced Fat and Nature’s Variety Instinct Healthy Weight.

    Good luck!

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    I had a dog with lymphangectasia; good luck.

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