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    Marta W

    my dog is fighting cancer(adenocarcinoma). While i am waiting for a appointment with holistic vet in a month who is going to create personalized diet for him, i am trying to feed him honest kitchen dehydrated food. I settled on Thrive but i would like to find out if i have to ad anything alse on top of that or is that enough for him?
    I am giving him liver supplement and immune supplement wholly immune, plus coconut oil with turmeric.
    I know usually there is organ meat in the diet i dont think this one has it.

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    Judy M

    The first thing you need to do is cook your dogs food – organic as much as possible. Have a high concentration of vegetables and a healthy oil like flax seed or coconut oil. Turmeric is an anti inflammatory and pain relieving herb and there are number of other herbs that can do the same thing. Milk thistle is good for liver support.

    When my dog got cancer I fed her 25 – 30% lean organic ground beef or salmon with a 65% mix of green veges and 5% healthy oil.

    Coconut water (not in a package or can) directly from a fresh young thai coconut will really help with pumping up with the electrolytes.

    No grains and definitely no sugar.

    I saw a radically difference in my dogs health within 3 weeks of embracing this diet and 4 years later she is going strong & healthy and no cancer.

    Cancer is very reversible with applied knowledge.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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