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    Karen E

    I have a 9# YorkiePoo (I think) that was a stray. We are keeping her but she has had intermittant diarrhea and vomiting. The vet check was ok, stool sample neg. I thought it was whatever she was eating when wandering around outside at first, but now I think it may just be her. I took her off dog food and began feeding her brown rice and chicken. This fixes the problem! When I slowly reintroduce kibble the upset returns. I bought a powder probiotic Bene-bac and that seems to help too. What is your recommendation for a sensitive stomach small dog kibble? What type/brand probiotic do you prefer? I was feeding purina and now I realize that is crap! I want to find a good dog food. Thanks!!

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    NutriSource has a small breed kibble that is usually easy to transition dogs to. Also there are several premixes and recipes out there, if making her food ends up being what works for her. You can make big batches and portion it out to freeze it.

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