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    Hey, all.

    Ok, so I have a question regarding Diamond and recalls.

    From what I’ve read, they had a huge, ever-expanding recall in 2012 of many brands that they produce.

    To my knowledge, they haven’t had a recall since?

    I have also read that for example Nature’s Variety has had consistent recalls since 2011.

    So, why are many so averse against Diamond? I just want to learn how to “read” recalls and how to judge what makes it particularly bad and untrustworthy.

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    This is jmo but the reason for the recall is important to me. Champion had a recall on cat good in Australia; I don’t recall the particulars but for me, not a big deal. Evangers got in trouble for what was supposed to be in the can wasn’t, it was something else. Then, they also stole electricity from another business & didn’t pay their workers for overtime they worked. Not cool.

    Regarding Diamond, if I remember correctly, they used cardboard to fix equipment, among other things. For me, they’ve had too many recalls, enough that I’d won’t buy their products. That being said, one of mine eats Canidae canned. I think it’s made by Diamond. She’s had issues with uti’s & extreme constipation. She also has no teeth & she’s older. I have to find foods with certain levels of protein, fat & fiber….I’ve tried a number of foods with the right numbers but they constipate her. She does great on Canidae so she stays on it and I’ll continue to look for others that may work, affordable ones.

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    I think it really depends on where you live. All Diamond made foods are from various plants, and depending on where you live, depends on where it comes from. A large majority of the Diamond issues seem to have come from the South Caarolina plant, which distributes food to my area, here in NY. The last recall, if I remember correctly was SC based and was for salmonella. When inspected, the inspectors found various issues in hygiene/cleanliness-including machines fixed with duct tape and cardboard-also, lrage quantities of food that had been produced and stored inappropriately(not bagged).

    If I could that most recent issue with the years of recalls, its a no go for me.

    I was hoping Canidae would be eventually with the announcement of ethos, but upon further investigation, only some of their products are made at Ethos-the rest are still Diamond produced.

    There was a time that I tried Tractor Supply 4 health-when first launched to the market, my dogs did great-then, after time went by, they started having severe digestive issues. I thought I had a bad batch, and purchased more. My next batch of food proved to be even worse-I had three or four different brands in the darn bags-most appeared to be low line Diamond originals products.

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    Melissa, what about people who order food online? Chewy & DoggieFood may be east coast based but does that mean they get their food from whomever is closest to the east coast?

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    Naturella, Diamond has not had a dog food recall since, but they had a cat food recall last year.

    Marie, Diamond doesn’t have a cannery. And yes, when you buy food over the internet, you could get food from someplace you would rather not, not to mention that you have no idea what kind of storage facilities they have. If they are shipping from themselves rather than direct from the manufacturer, you can bet that they are getting from somewhere as close as possible, because that would be cheapest.

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    According to Diamond, when I last spoke with them-yes. The food comes from whichever plant is closest to you-unless for some reason there is a issue, and then they might ship it from the next closest manufacturing plant. So for example, if I am a distributor here in NY, my food is coming from South Carolina. If South Carolina is out, they may send a batch from another location, but not typically.

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    Everyone, thanks so much for the responses. Well, I live in GA, so it is pretty much certain that we get our Diamond-produced products from SC, there’s no way we’re not since it’s so close. But I know of people who have used TOTW last year with great success and no problems, so they may have cleaned up their act? I really kind of like Canidae Pure and TOTW, and I wanted to try them, but I am still on the fence because of the general opinion of Diamond-produced foods…

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    Thanks Patty & Melissa. Glad that gemma’s canned isn’t Diamond made.

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    InkedMarie- whil we I am not a fan of Diamond I am hopeful that this last recall and settlement will finally sink in. I keep checking for canidae to leave as I think the pure line looks promising.

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    They always clean up their act after a recall. They just seem incapable of keeping it clean. The safest time to buy a Diamond food is immediately after a recall. If they had done a major shake up at their SC plant and made it public, then I might have even believed that things would change, but they are still denying that there is a problem there. I have no reason to believe that there won’t be another recall at any time.

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    I am with you. Most brands they manufacture appear to be great budget friendly foods. Especially Taste of the Wild, Canidae and Kirkland. I live in the NW and those are three of the most popular foods sold besides Blue and grocery store stuff. I certainly hope it finally did sink in, otherwise we will have a lot of sick dogs. I haven’t used any recently, but always also tempted to try out Taste of the Wild.

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    I would say yes! Its all about cost to ship the food. If you are in Texas, realistically and practically it would not make sense to send you food from somewhere else. That of course would be buying locally, and not online.

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