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    Megan W

    The editor gave just this formula from Diamond a five star rating I just saw the budget friendly list and this food was not mentioned. I was feeding it to my dog because it was given a five star. It also had a lot of other bonuses too as it was a Missouri company where I was more than happy to support a local company. This bag of food is also 40 lbs and the price on it with tax is $38.56 which I was over the moon about. Can the editor (this is probably asking a lot) or anybody else (with scientific facts) please explain why this 5 star food was not included on list? I know Diamonds other foods are lower ranking so please remember I am only referencing to DIAMOND NATURALS EXTREME ATHLETE. Thank you ahead of time I have been using this website for years; I thought I hit the jackpot with this food and was saddened and alarmed as to why is wasn’t on the budget friendly list or listed below it. If I missed something (I really hope I didn’t I will feel bad feeding it to our dogs for 3 yrs now) I will switch to the Dr. Tim’s or Whole Earth Farms depending on my spouse response to the $.

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    It may be because Diamond has had their share of recalls.

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