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    adriana b

    We have a Shorkie 11 yrs old. On insulin twice a day 4cc each time. Practically skin and bones but very happy dog. Should she be this thin. Eats like a horse but doesn’t gain weight. Does not vomit if eating alot. When is too thin too thin. Dr says keep checking glucose and regulate as needed. I’m concerned about the extreme weight loss. What to do?

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    Hi Adriana,

    I’d find another vet or ask your vet to do blood tests ASAP, check how her thyroid is..
    also what diet she eating? is she eating the Hills W/d wet & dry vet food?
    are you feeding 4 smaller meals a day?
    also are you adding fresh foods to her diet or adding wet can food to her diet? I’d increase her food…
    I had to feed my boy more then the recommended daily amount years ago, now he’s nilly 10yrs old I dont have too feed him as much… he has IBD

    Start to add more food to her diet, I’d add 1/2 a cup more if you feed her dry food or add 1/2 a can of the Hills W/d wet can food a day…
    if she is eating the Hills W/d wet or dry food it’s very low in fat this could be why she is thin & she needs more food?? get bloods done, she’s 11yrs old..

    Join this face book group, lots of good info & look in their “Files” there should be foods you can feed her wet & dry..
    “Canine Diabetes Support and Information” group

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    Sem E

    I know it can be challenging have a pet that requires insulin and many people are not covered. We offer insulin for pets at https://polarbearmeds.com/

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    Riley W

    It’s really hard. Especially when you care about your beloved pet and don’t want them to suffer. Thanks for sharing!

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