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    Hope F

    Anyone out there that is feeding their Diabetic dog something other than the Vet recommended dog food for Diabetes. My vet only says Royal Canin or Hills and I would never feed my dog either brand if he was not sick and now to be forced to is burning me up. I read the ingredients and cringe. He started eating it ok but now does not like the wet Royal at all and the only way he will eat the kibble is with roasted chicken in with it. I would like to switch foods to something with better ingredients but it seems so hard to find out the caloric numbers for foods. they all give you ingredients and analysis but no one can seem to find me the Caloric amount per cup or whatever. So hard to balance it to the 14 units of insulin twice a day they have him on. He is doing ok but it is a fight with a vet who does not want me mixing things with his food to get him to eat it and a dog that will not eat or takes hours to finish. I work and travel for work so having dog sitters have to jump through hoops to get him to eat is a pain. He loves food just not this one. I was looking at like an Orijen Fit and Trim or Merrik . Any sugguestions would be a great help!

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    I hope that you will continue to work closely with your vet. Your dog has a serious life threatening condition.
    In my opinion you are being foolish if you think anyone here can offer you better advice.

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    Have you tried the Hill’s or Purina for diabetes? I’m sorry you are going thru this. One of my dogs has been getting a little picky lately and it’s frustrating. I think he just wants what we’re eating!

    Purina might be more palatable. Just don’t look at the ingredients! Remember they’re dogs, not humans and they have different requirements than us. I went thru the same thing with my cat with urinary issues. I’ve been feeding RC vet food to him for 3 years with no more problems. It’s not a food I’d pick out for him by looking at the ingredients. But I certainly don’t want another blockage! Difference being, however, he likes the food.

    Talk to your vet about a different brand for diabetes explaining what you are going thru trying to get him to eat. Try a different vet if this one isn’t helpful. Good luck!

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    Hi Hope,
    have you join the “Canine Diabetes Support & other Information” face book group?
    ask other pet owners what they’re feeding their Diabetic dog, I have the list of premium pet foods for diabetic dogs somewhere, I’ll try & find it..

    If you want to stay with a vet diet look at Farmina Vet Life formula’s or their other formula’s
    There’s also “Rayne Canada” vet diets aswell….
    The F/B group I’ve recommeneded above is pretty good..

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    Hi Hope,
    Here’s the wet & dry list of the Diabetic pet shop & online pet foods for diabetic dogs..
    Scroll down list to the wet foods, your boy might enjoy wet foods more then the dry dog foods or rotate his foods, feed dry for breakfast & wet for lunch & dinner….

    I think you’ll have to type in link..

    If you join the “Canine Diabetes Support & other Information” face book group, look in their file’s this food list is in their files & may have been up dated, more pet foods added….

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    Joyce B

    I fed my diabetic dog Hill’s W/D prescription dry for many years (with healthy toppings) and he did well until he started refusing it due to other issues. I was afraid to give him anything else all those years. But when I did he was fine and I actually had to REDUCE insulin. Research lower-glycemic carbs (barley is better than, say, potatoes), keep the fat low. And be prepared to adjust insulin accordingly. Once he is stable you can keep him on that food. I’m not a vet but this is what worked for me. My diabetic 14-year old dog is doing great and my vet agrees. Best wishes and good luck!

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