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    Helen F

    I have a 10 year diabetic dog who is on W/D Dr. Hill, my cat is about 13 and she is on M/D Dr. Hill….neither really likes this food. But because this was so overwhelming for me I’ve been a stickler on keeping them to their diets….I just couldn’t believe I have two diabetic pets! Anyway, I’ve been watching them both and I think there have been some changes going on….excessive foot licking, grooming, and always, always wanting more food. So, I’m looking for an alternative to their foods, but at the same time I don’t want to endanger their lives. Does anyone have any ideas? My dog will literally go around to other bowls looking for more food, the cat eats and comes right back for more. I’m giving them exactly what the vet said but now I’m not sure about the vet. Oh, dog was overweight but now down to about 50 pounds, cat was at 9 pounds and now is about 12. Any advice?

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    Hi Helen,

    Sometimes the dog or cat might need a bit more food then what was recommended by vet to eat.. Go onto Hills site & read “Feeding Guidelines” to the formula’s your cat & dog is eating, another thing I do is I boil sweet potato & I freeze the small pieces in freezer, they thaw really well, I take out 3 small pieces the night before put on plate in fridge then the next day inbetween Breakfast & Lunch I give the cat 1 mashed piece sweet potato & dog 2 mash pieces of sweet potato, you can also add to their food to help keep fuller longer, my cat loves her sweet potato I sometimes buy tin tuna or tin salmon in spring water drain water & mix in some sweet potato & give for lunch or as a treatm there’s not many calories & has healthy omega fatty acids for skin & coat..

    are you on facebook?? look for group to join…

    * Here’s the “Canine Diabetes Support & Information group”, people do come on who have cats aswell..

    * Here’s “Cat Health” group

    My boy has IBD & when he eats vet diets he’s sensitive to ingredients causing itchy, yeasty skin & paws.. Now he eats a grain free diet “Wellness Simple” or Wellness Core” he isn’t having no more skin problems or Stomach problems…

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    Helen F

    Hi Susan,
    Thank you so much for your response! I really appreciate it. Good info. I’m going to try a small meal in the middle of the day. Neither of mine have been back to the vet lately, but I think I’ll hold off on that to see how that extra little meal does. I did start boiling chicken and adding bits to their two meals….they love it. Thank you again!

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    Lori H

    Hi Helen,

    You might want to look at the following website. My dog Buddy (long hair Chihuahua, Dachshund and Pomeranian) has been through a lot, much like your dog. He had so many medical issues including being diagnosed with Diabetes. He is now almost 12 and during his life he has had surgery on his spleen, surgery for the bladder stones, been diagnosed with Diabetes, my vet thought he had Cushing’s and I was also told by my vet that he was suffering from liver failure and was preparing me for the fact that Buddy was going to die. The liver failure diagnosis was over two years and today, he is healthy, happy, looks amazing and has so much energy. He is happy and the most healthy he has ever been in his life! It has been an amazing turnaround so I know how you feel. I basically had to get him healthy myself. My vet did not support my decision to do what I did, but he is healthy and that is all that matters! I am going to see a new vet on Friday of this week and I am hoping to actually get Buddy off of the Insulin.

    Rick helped me and Buddy is now healthier than he has ever been. If anything, read what Rick has to say on his website. The change in Buddy’s food as well as the supplements, changed his life. Rick has had success getting dogs and cats healthy and insulin free!


    I now believe wholeheartedly that most vets know nothing about nutrition. They are told to carry a line of food in their offices by one of the large pharma/dog food companies because most of these companies go out and recruit at the vet universities across the United States when vets are in school and provide them with a kickback when the sell either Science Diet or Royal Canin in their clinics, up to 40%. My vet wanted me to have Buddy on Hills Science Diet for the rest of his life! I looked at the ingredients and thought to myself, there has to be something better out there. There was not one thing on there that was considered a whole food or ingredient that comes from the natural world!

    I was at my wits end as well and thought that I was going to lose Buddy, but I was not willing to give up so I did a Google search and found an amazing person who brought Buddy back to the healthy dog he is.

    If you choose to go with his program, it is not cheap, but I believe that over time, I will save money by not taking Buddy to the vet time and time again because I don’t know what is wrong and having a battery of tests run and racking up bills in the thousands, I have been there!

    He was slowly weened off of his processed food Science Diet U/D and placed on a diet of fresh veggies and meat based on a very slow transition to follow with Rick’s help.

    I suggest reaching out. I think Rick saved Buddy’s life. I took him to the vet in October to have blood work done and he is perfectly healthy!

    Good luck on your search for information and I hope you find a solution. Buddy is almost 12, but has a new lease on life.

    If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I am happy to talk to you. I have helped three others with their dogs and I truly believe Rick knows what he is talking about. I put my trust in him and I now have a healthy, happy dog. Lori

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