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    My corgi recently had her teeth cleaned. 2 months later when she had a growth removed her vet recommended teeth cleaning again. When I told him she just had it done he recommended science diet t/d. After researching, and finding science diet being poor quality I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations on dog food for dental health.

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    Hound Dog Mom

    Hi dnaolson –

    I feed my dogs a raw diet and they get raw meaty bones daily – these are great for dental health. My dogs are aged 11 months to 8 years and none of them (even my senior) have smelly breath or build-up. I try to brush their teeth daily – I forget sometimes, but they generally get their teeth brushed at least 5 times per week. Aside from specially formulated prescription kibbles (like T/D) the only food that’s going to promote dental health is a raw diet with raw meaty bones. There are some dental chews available but I have yet to see any with quality ingredients. And regardless of what your dog eats you need to be brushing its teeth, all dogs should have their teeth brushed at least 3 times per week. Hope that helps.

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    shelties mom


    What is a safe toothpaste or product that you recommend?

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    try holistic health extension DENTAL bones. they come in a few flavors and clean my dogs teeth great. I buy the fresh breath ones just so they he can have minty breath like the rest of us

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    I’m bumping this back up to hopefully get an answer, HDM suggests brushing but did not say with what she brushes her dogs teeth with…could you please fill us in on what sort of product you use and also what brush is good? Anyone can answer…HA! 🙂

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    Besides brushing there are some products you can give daily:

    ProDen PlaqueOff Dental Powder

    Only Natural Pet All Smiles Oral Care Mouth Spray for Dogs & Cats


    I used ProDen for a month or two on one of my fosters with dragon breath while he was waiting to get a dental because he had to lose some weight first and it really seemed to help. I just bought some of the mercola gel but haven’t started using it yet. My dogs chew on bones and it keeps their teeth clean except for the very back tooth has a little bit of tarter. You can use the gels as toothpaste too.

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    Hound Dog Mom

    Sorry I somehow missed that post! I brush my dog’s teeth with a spin brush and use Vet’s Best dental gel. My dogs also get raw meaty bones daily. They both have super white teeth and odorless breath.

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