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    Victoria W

    My family has harvested a combined 6 deer this season already. Were going to be finishing up our meat processing and I would like to know if the tub of organs I have saved could be fed safely to an inside dog who is a Min Pin/ Chi? We usually feed the organ meat to the outside dogs and they have no problems, but then again they’ve been outside their whole life and routinely hunt wild rabbits and such on our farm. Does anyone know if Deer Heart would be a suitable substitution for beef heart? The organs I’ve saved are the eyes, heart, kidneys, liver, stomach, and lungs. I am assuming there will be no difference, but I thought I would ask you very knowledgeable people on here what you think 🙂

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    Heart isn’t an organ, it’s a muscle, so there’s really no issue with that. The only problem I see with offering the large amount of organs you have to such small dogs is hat raw organs are high in various vitamins and minerals that can cause toxicitiy when fed too much of. However, you can freeze them into serving size portions and offer once a week or so as a special meal, or dry them and offer a couple bites a day as a treat. The dried organs would still need to be frozen (or shared with friends) as that amount of meat would go bad before it would be used.

    What kind of hunting dogs do you have? I would love to see some pictures! And where do you live that you hunt deer? My family’s got a hunting camp up in Michigan that a few of the guys stay at for several weeks each year. It’s amazing up there! And love me a good Bambi :p

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    I was under the impression that wild game meat should be frozen for a few weeks (maybe 2) before fed raw to dogs, but I may be wrong and maybe that’s just for pork… Not 100% sure. But I second what Akari said – don’t give any of the dogs TOO much organs, but you certainly can give the indoor dog some.

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    Victoria W

    I was going to package the heart into 6 oz. servings to freeze since that amount will make feeding like the ABC day pdf suggests easier. I am unsure how much of everything else, liver and other organs to add to the weekly meal plan. I am thinking along the same amount 6-8oz spread between 2 or 3 meals a week where I would replace some or all of their canned food with the organ meat….does that sound like overdoing it? I think I read somewhere on here in a post that too much liver causes problems because of the huge amount of protein it has in it. So with that in mind I was going to use the following ratio for grinding up the organ meats : 1 part liver, 1 part kidney, 1 part stomach/tripe, 3 part lung/other meat, 6 part heart….for a total of 6 oz.

    I have the Min Pin chi mix baby inside, and the outside babies are a little of this a little of that mutts tbh lol. I live in SE Missouri on 40 acres and we have family that come and hunt our property because it is close to a conservation area and LOTS of deer stay on our property all the time….in fact its an everyday thing for us to have to honk our car horns at a few so we can get out of our drive/road. I absolutely love deer meat and I cant wait to eat some of the tasty looking burgers we made last night lol :p

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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