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    I am trying to find carrageenan-free canned dog foods to supplement a rotational variety of kibble [so far mainly Wellness Core, Dr Tim’s Kinesis, various Pet Pantry holistic blend samples] to add moisture, aid digestion and provide additional nutrients. She is currently enjoying homemade frozen “salmon pops” made with canned pumpkin, Wellness 95% salmon and yogurt [1-3 cubes a day depending on kibble consumption = which is spotty at best], but I would like to add some variety and ensure proper nutritional balance.
    I have been looking at products available in local, independent shops as well as Pet Pantry at feedyourpets.com [because I live in their free delivery zone].
    Pet Pantry offers several premium canned choices by reputable companies with high ratings on this site, but I am a bit confused about some choices…
    Dave’s makes a few options available with guar gum, but not carrageenan. This company seems well-liked for their high standards, etc. But Dave’s Naturally Healthy Joint Formula contains both unnamed MEAT BY PRODUCTS and CHICKEN BY PRODUCTS. Is this just to provide natural sources of glucosamine or other joint-friendly compounds with things like chicken necks/feet and connective tissue? I would rather not feed my girl anything bad or red-flagged and was surprised to see these ingredients listed on a premium product – should I be worried?

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    I would steer clear of meat-by-products, I don’t care who’s food it is. Shame on them! And a quality company should list what individual organs are going into the can instead of settling for the low quality by-products labeling, so I would assume it is as bad an ingredient as you imagine it to be. Pet food manufacturers should always choose the best way to list an ingredient, so if they didn’t, I would assume it is as bad as it gets. Premium doesn’t mean as much as it used to.

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