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    Cheryl J

    My almost 7 yr. old Maltipoo has been diagnosed with Cushings. He is on Vetoryl daily and I am just starting him on Hill Science W-D dry dog food. He has probably been on the Vetoryl now for 4 months and has his cortisol checked every 2 to 3 mo. The excess drinking and peeing have not let up. Does anyone know how long it can take before he shows any sign of improvement?

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    if you can afford it, contact a Animal Nutritionist & have a few freshly balanced homemade meal made up for him, it will be better then feeding the dry Hills W/d food, the Hills W/d is very very high in fiber, maybe that’s could be why he’s drinking & drinking water or try feeding the wet tin Hill W/d food instead of the W/d dry kibble… What has the vet said??
    I just posted this link on another post, google Dr Judy Morgan DMV she has a few dogs with Cushing’s, go to her F/B page & ask does she have a video recipe on You-tube for a dog with Cushing’s… I’ve seen Judy making a recipe & adding a supplement for her 2 girls with Cushing’s….she also used the Honest Kitchen base meal to balance one of her meals, I think that was the meal for her girls with Cushing’s…. also have you joined the Cushing F/B group??

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    Cheryl J

    Thank you for all of the info. My vet has recommended The Hills W/D dry food. She says he needs the high fiber to fill him up since he is always hungry. I have just started him on this gradually changing him over from what he has been on. I will look at Dr. Judy’s site too. Thank you again!

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    Lisa R

    I have a Chi, 10 yrs old who was diagnosed with Cushings in May. On Vetoryl. Symptoms of excessive water drinking and peeing continued, as well as a large appetite. I read that dry food is the worst food for Cushings dogs so I switched to a raw food which was highly recommended. He wouldn’t eat it raw, so I cooked it. He loved it for months and I saw his symptoms subside – he can sleep through the night and not have to go out to pee – most nights. Unfortunately, now won’t touch the cooked raw. So I’m looking for the next best thing. I’m going to look at Dr Judy’s site – thanks Susan. And I’m excited to see there’s a Cushing’s FB group! I need help.

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