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    Kona the blue pit

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this but my 2 year old blue pit is getting crusty lumps on his body and he has diarrhea. All through the winter months he was doing ok maybe a lump here and there but otherwise ok. I was feeding him California Natural Kangaroo for about 5-6 months until the recall. Then I had to start feeding him Addiction Kangaroo for about 2 months and he was still doing ok. Now this past 2 weeks I started him back on the California Natural Kangaroo and his problems started. So I’m not sure if it is the food or if it is because it is Summer now.
    Could he have become allergic to the kangaroo or maybe California Natural messed up on the formula?
    I have also been giving him Benadryl so that could be causing the diarrhea also.
    Not sure what to do should I switch his food already or give it a month or two?

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    Kangaroo – REALLY? I don’t know the breed’s in-nature diet but……

    Best to change food: I highly suggest Orijen or Acana Brand dog foods. (sold on the internet or in pet stores)

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