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    Michelle F

    Hello, I have a brand spanking new Yorkie, she is the size of a gerbil at 9 weeks, she is still on worm meds as most pups are and is about to get her 10 day second dose. We all know this makes our pups poop more, I think even regardless of what or how much they eat. I am feeding her “Jemma” Diamond puppy food, she loves it and it’s tiny tiny kibble. Anyways, since she is getting de wormed and pooping a lot I have had trouble crate training her because no matter how long it seems she is in there she has an accident and OMG she cries cries cries, I tried putting a thin blanket over the kennel to help her possibly sleep but nope she poops and walks in it and cries..I want her kennel trained, I only give her a little bit of room in the kennel, I put a divider in it hoping she wouldn’t poop or pee in it but she still does. Does anyone have a suggestion of what to do? Cut back on her food before the kennel doesn’t help either…I even tried a low playing radio for comfort and she still cries LOUDLY lol…HALP MEEEE!!! Please and Thank you

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    Hi Michelle-
    Congrats on your brand spanking new pup. Yorkies are adorable! I never had the pooping and peeing prob with my pups in their crates. They are now 3 1/2 and 80 pounds. Yikes! But, I would still like to help you out and get this thread going for others to comment on as well. I am curious on what type of dewormer you are using? You have to give it for 10 days? Is the poop runny? How long of periods is she in the crate at a time? Puppies are a lot of work. They need to be taken out for potty breaks every few hours when they are that young. It sounds like you are doing everything right. Using a divider in the kennel, playing music, and giving her a blanket are all good. How often do you feed her? It isn’t clear to me if Jemma has diarrhea or normal frequent stools. It sounds stressful. I hope we can figure this out for your new addition.

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    This sounds like a pet store/puppy mill issue. It’s really hard to crate train dogs that don’t care about being in their own poop, but being consistent and getting her on a schedule is your best bet. Good luck!!

    BTW, I’ve never had the issues you are because of worming, so maybe it’s the food or some other reason.

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    Hi Michelle, congratulations on your new puppy, she sounds adorable. I love puppy breath. lol. It seems as though you have made her crate very comfy. 🙂 I do have a suggestion tho. When my pups were 9 weeks they had to go out A LOT. Like every 20 minutes. I remember being so excited when they made it to the half hour mark. 🙂 I know it seems excessive, but just imagine how tiny her bladder is right now. And they do poop more often at that age too. In a few months when her body and organs have had a chance to grow, she won’t need to go out as often. I’d also like to suggest rotational feeding, for a healthy gut, and less chance of allergy/ intolerance. Find 3 or 4 different foods, with different protein sources, and also made by different manufacturers. You can feed her puppy or all life stages foods. Good luck with your little girl, puppies are a lot of work, but their also a lot of fun. 😀 Here’s some info on diet rotation. /frequently-asked-questions/diet-rotation-for-dogs/ I personally rotate foods by using up one bag of kibble, and then starting a new bag from a different manufacturer/ protein source. I also add canned and fresh protein into the mix. I don’t know if you’re interested in using canned only for her, but that would be a great option as well.

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    To double up on what BCN said, it is very hard to crate train when they don’t care that they are making a mess, so you need to make it very positive to NOT have accidents. As Labs said, take the puppy out a ton, and reward them for going outside. Be diligent. Feed, wait 20 minutes, outside. Then pay attention, when she needs to go out, do it. Having a puppy equates to less sleep 🙂 When she is to the point where she isn’t having accidents in the crate-well, then the crying you have to ignore. Give her a toy, or a special blanket, see if it helps calm her down. I would also do her final feeding much, much earlier than bedtime, and go out at least 2 more times. If she is still pooping at that point, I would say something is wrong

    Also-part of it may lie in C4C’s question, and is the poop firm? runny? If it’s always runny, i’d switch foods (I would anyway, Diamond is not trustworthy) but I’ve never had a pup have that many issues from deworming.

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