could you please review Whole Paws food?

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    Margarita C

    Hi! My very picky Westie was not interested in most dried foods, and most canned foods were messy and smelly (well, I thought so, anyway). I had great success getting him to eat Little Ceasar’s individual tubs of food, but I know those really aren’t made with premium ingredients and wanted to find something similar in convenience, but with quality ingredients. I stumbled upon the new Whole Paws tubs at my Whole Foods and he loves the lamb dinner. Can you give me your opinion about this line of foods from Whole Foods? They say they are grain free and do not contain meat by products. Thanks!

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    Jennifer E

    I’d like to second this motion!

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    Alexandra S

    Yes, please review Whole Paws! Specifically, the Salmon and Sweet Potato dry food.

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    Mary L

    I, too, would like to see Whole Paws reviewed.

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    Ive been feeding my dog Halo for his entire life, but also stumbled across this Whole Paws Dry Chicken food when shopping on Amazon Fresh. Id like to ensure its made with the same quality ingredients he is used to – because he sure does love this particular brand!

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    You can request a review here:


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    Jennifer C

    We ran out of dog food and were in a pinch. The Whole Foods store which we shop at regularly had the Whole Paws Salmon and Sweet Potato formula so we bought a small bag.
    Our dogs have been on Salmon and Sweet Potato high quality dog food for 3 years with great results.
    However, our dogs have suffered severe diarrhea now for two days with only one serving for one dog, and two servings for the other. I understand that changing dog food can cause digestive upset. That I was prepared for. But the explosive diarrhea they BOTH have experienced is beyond the pale.
    I do not recommend this dog food, the remainder of the bag is in the trash. I would not even consider donating it to a shelter.

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    K F

    I, too, have been feeding Halo food to my Husky for years with great success. (NEVER a GI issue since switching over from other high quality brands.) I noticed the Whole Paws the other day at Whole Foods, and researched. (See above.)
    Yikes! Maybe we’ll skip it! :/
    When important questions (such as country of origin, do they use GMO’s, does their meal contain bone, etc..) are NOT answered by WF, you have to assume that their product is so inexpensive because they use cheap and/or questionable ingredients from countries like China. Just an assumption, but a valid one to make if no info is forthcoming. What is there to hide?

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