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    Patti W

    I have two dogs both of which are female mixed breed rescues. Molly, lab mix, had all sorts of digestive issues with Iams. Switched her to Costco’s dry lamb and rice mixed with their canned cuts in gravy. All of her issues disappeared so we have been really happy with their food and the costs of it. Just found out that they have discontinued the canned cuts in gravy. Wish they would have given notice they were discontinuing so I could have phased it out slowly while introducing a new brand. Upon contacting the company they told me they are bringing on a new can with turkey stew. It is Natures Domain. Not sure how it will compare. Anybody have any info on this new product?

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    Some of the stores may still have some of the cuts in gravy left. You can call or ask your store if there is any inventory at a neighboring store. Otherwise all the regions have the new turkey stew on order. The Midwest states have already been getting theirs. I haven’t tried it yet. I bought four cases of the old stuff though that should tide me over until we get the new stuff! There is a review on the Natures Domain Turkey Stew on the other side of this site. Check it out! I think you will be pleased.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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