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    Nancy W

    Many breeds are now exhibiting a form of hepatitis that is a copper storage disease. Many, many dog foods have way too much copper in them. After a long hunt through several foods I found Acana singles – previously made in Canada to have a relatively low copper amount in them. Since being made in the USA the amount has doubled. Is there any possibility that Dog Food Advisor could do a review of Copper in dog foods? It is rarely on the label or on their online information sheets. Champion foods do print it on their product analysis.

    AAFCO min (maintenance) = 2.1 mg/Mcal
    Purina HA provides 2-3 mg/Mcal. (which is the next lowest commercial diet)

    Most dog foods are in the 20-30mg/Mcal range which is much higher than necessary and detrimental to some dogs.

    Any suggestions of 5 Star lower copper foods would be much appreciated.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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