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    I am having some issues with my puppies and their dog foods. Bode is about 18 months large breed mix (85 pounds as of now) and so he’s not really a puppy anymore exactly. Zieke is a 9 month old Rottweiller.

    I was feeding Dr. Tims Kinesis
    **Zieke was constantly having diarrhea, he’s been checked by the vet and he’s 100% healthy. So we started to add some yogurt and a small amount of pumpkin. Didn’t help to much.
    ** Bode was pooping a TON each time he went, going around 5 times a day.

    I switched to Daves Naturally Healthy Dog food
    now BOTH have constant diarrhea!

    Idk what to do for food for them.

    Here are my choices based off being able to afford them from Hounddog moms list

    4.5 Fromm Gold lg Puppy 1.52/lb 26/14
    4.5 Premium Edge 1.52 29/18
    4 Nutrisource lg breed puppy 1.53 26/16
    4 Nature Variety Prairie on sale 1.64 26/12 lg puppy

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    I can tell you that NutriSource is usually easy to transition to and doesn’t usually cause upset stomach, so it might be a good one to try. Did you do a slow transition from the old food to the new one?

    Constant diarrhea is not healthy, no matter what your vet says. I wonder if he had a large load of worms as a pup or if he had some other insult to his intestines. Or he may be developing a food intolerance, so watch for other symptoms to show up like gunky eyes or ears, itching, hot spots, rashes, oily coat, funky smell, gas. If I were you, I would get some Perfect Form from the Honest Kitchen and start them on that. It has some great ingredients for calming, soothing, and healing the gut.

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    My husband told me this am that we needed food by tonight….so I was able to track down some Fromm food that is within hound dogs mom’s list. Typically we transition over about 7-9 days from one food to another. This will be the first time its a 180 transition. 🙁 But right now it couldn’t be any worse. I will talk to the local place I found today that can order Nutrisource but Honest kitchen is out of my price with having 4 dogs.

    Both dogs are healthy, I didn’t mean to imply my vet said diarrhea is healthy. They show no signs of being sick in any way so I’m hoping changing the food will help. 😀

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    @cdubau, THK Perfect Form is a supplement, I can find it at my local pet boutique/specialty store, it is given in small amounts and here it sells for $1.59/pack. Lasts my 15-ish lb terrier mix about a week when given as directed twice a day. Really works miracles in the guts.


    Sells for $1.25 on the website, but I would probably go for the box of 16, just to have handy. Together your dogs will probably go through about 5 teaspoons/day or so, so close to a pack/day. The box of 16 will be enough for 2 weeks, to see how they do.

    I try to keep about 2-3 packs at all times for just in case.

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    A great resource for me when I was having smiler issues was http://www.dogaware.com. They have some wonderful advise for digestive disorders. It turns out that mine had both giardia and coccidia and have struggled with loose stools off and on since.
    Have you tried to feed them small meals of boiled chicken or burger with overcooked rice and pumpkin yet? I usually try that for a couple of meals and then add back n kibble to rest their bellies a bit.
    I rotate between Vetri-Pro BD, Perfect Form and Gastriplex to help with their loose stools. Check out that site. I believe it could have some beneficial advise. Good luck, you have your hands full!

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    Kelsi P

    Hi there- I know you posted this a while ago, but I just stumbled across this post. I had the same problem with my dog as a puppy. Unexplained chronic diarrhea, having to make a bowel movement several times per day (5+ per day!), etc. We went through tests (bacteria, parasite/amoeba, fungal) antibiotics, food changes, enteric support supplements- the whole gamut. The vet couldn’t figure it out…. He was put on a prescription diet for a short while and while it helped calm things down (with the combination of flagyl), it didn’t stop. Nothing worked until I switched my dog to raw food. Seriously- the bloody diarrhea, gastric upset, vomiting, etc., stopped within a few weeks. Maybe it’s worth a try for your dogs? I am lucky in that my vet is open to raw diets and she hasn’t said anything negative because it’s helped my dog. My dog simply cannot handle any kind of kibble, regardless of the make and recipe. Good luck to ya.

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    FWIW, our Pugs are thriving on a raw diet.

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