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    My 10yr mini schnauzer (Addie) was recently diagnosed with Congestive Heart failure. I want to do what I can to prolong her life (as long as she is feeling pretty good and it’s not cost prohibitive). The vet mentioned low sodium diet but didn’t give any specifics and in looking for food ratings I’m having trouble finding very much information. Info on the web indicates low sodium, high protein is best and I’ve found mention of two presciption foods (made by Hills and Purina) but no info on their nutrition (and usually those brands are medium to low ratings). I was hoping this site would have some ratings/recommendations for low sodium foods but the search doesn’t reveal any. Does anyone have recommendations for over the counter food or recipes for food and treats that are low sodium/high protein (or other info that might help).

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    Unfortunately, dog food companies don’t have to list on the label the actual sodium level in a food, they list a guaranteed minimum. So to know the actual level, you have to call each company and ask. That should be good info until the next time they change their formulas, which they also don’t have to tell you about.

    A homemade diet is the best way to be in control of how much sodium your dog is getting.

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    I found this resource from Tufts Vet school that has links to lists for lower sodium OTC foods and treats.

    And here is some additional information as well:
    Good Luck

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    Thanks to both of you! I think I am going to start switching to mainly homemade food and treats but the tufts link had all kinds of good info on it about things to monitor and what is happening to her that will help me make her more comfortable and know when I need to go back to the vet.

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